A woman is a woman since she was a child, her vanities are natural and indelible. Thus, beauty is a constant pursuit, remaining in the mature age, especially if the woman is active, works, has friends, goes to shows, lives. And she needs to be even better prepared and find her own beauty tools in a young world where the beauty industry

meets the fast and diverse demands of this audience much more.
However this is a growing market as Brazilians are aging and by 2060 the percentage of people over 65 will rise from the current 9.2% to 25.5%. That is, 1 in 4 Brazilians will be elderly, according to projections of IBGE – Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics.
But there is no complete line of makeup specific in the Brazilian market for this audience. What is there are point products for specific needs, as lines are not printed on the face only on the face of mature women. Skincare products can be found in many brands such as foundations and powders. But shadows for sagging eyelids that do not accentuate fine lines or lipsticks that do not trickle above or below the lips are more difficult, as is a portfolio of more interesting colors and textures for blushes and lipsticks. And even if some specific products have been developed for this audience, this is still an empty dish in corporate marketing.

Anti Aging or Pro Aging

The beauty industry has relegated to the mature women the skin care products, especially anti-aging products, through where the technological innovations of an industry are known and its with them that such public are conquered .

Category brands usually link their campaigns to beautiful, modern or sexy young women, forgetting a growing audience – starting to be relevant and accurate for specific products. For the industry, this makeup category is quite a challenge.

Makeup is now part of the new mature woman, as, according to a study by eCGlobal and REDS, done in 2017 with 382 women over 55 years, from classes A, B and C, in all regions of Brazil, in the seniors, 80% wear cosmetics and 57% wear makeup. The Brazilian is therefore one of the most vain women in the world at any age.

However, more than half of women over 55, (59%) do not feel represented by cosmetic advertisements according to research by eCGlobal and REDS.

Today mature women already assume with security their white hair, their wrinkles and the beauty that comes from within becomes their strength. They are stereotype free and ready to explore their new beauty.
“Today they no longer bother to hide their problems, but find a way to enhance beauty,” says Fernanda Farias, Shiseido Brazil Beauty expert and brand trainer.

In fact, what we are talking about here is products that value a woman’s new age, make-up or treatment products that favor them and are specifically targeted at them, easily found, with name and address: a makeup line Pro-Age, and not anti-age, which has the connotation that age should be fought and not favored, an idea defended by actress Jane Fonda and that has been spreading in other parts of the world.

Mature Woman’s Makeup

What has no remedy, is remedied. Thus, in the absence of a line to call his own, the mature woman needs to arm herself with information and various little makeup tricks, as the ones Fernanda Farias recommends:

Fernanda’s experience in the profession indicates: “The retail customer today wants products or makeup where she doesn’t look like being using special occasion makeup but a more natural makeup that enhances her beauty.

According to her, mature women look for makeup that they can wear at any time of the day, and with that same skin, can go to an evening dinner. The pigments used for eyes and mouth can be changed to a slightly more intense color or way of applying, as well as the reinforced blush.


For Fernanda, the concealer should be used with care, mastery and subtlety: “For the purplish color around the eyes, I suggest using the moisturizing foundation of the face in the eye area, because it makes you use less concealer, which crackles any less. The concealer should be applied exactly in the darkened area, with the base of the little finger, exactly there. In the outer corner the illuminator should be applied over the bones of the eye contour, bringing more light, brilliance and this region, which will be less deep, bringing the region forward. ”
“Oil bloten paper, wipes to remove oilness or shine, even above the makeup, are used to touch up the concealer at most,” she says.


Before makeup, I like to massage this mature skin so that it oxygenates, moves and this is also important, because after that it is possible to apply any kind of cover and of finish. Our best selling foundation for mature skin is the Future Solution Total Radiance Foundation premium line because it already has all the anti-aging formulation, fills the skin, moisturizes, smoothes and offers this second skin coverage.
In fact, it all starts in the skin care routine. Before thinking about makeup in general, you need to take care of the skin. Those who take care of their skin don’t even have to worry about the texture of the product. However, the richer, more moisturizing cream will make the skin more flexible, which is important in spreadability. The moisturizing foundation, besides moisturizing, fills wrinkles, smoothes the skin. Shiseido has an anti-aging foundation that already works in filling lines or wrinkles.


For drooping eyelids, for example, I recommend eye contour cream. But for makeup to look really good, I recommend a draining massage in the area before applying the eyeshadow. Most suitable for skins that have sagging or wrinkles are opaque eyeshadows, which better disguise these imperfections. Because, contrary to popular belief, the brightness further enhances what one would like to disguise. Perhaps a point of light in the inner corner of the eyes is more appropriate for a lighting effect, as well as giving a distancing effect between the eyes.


A tip: Before using lipstick: Use a concealer to act as a barrier so that the lipstick does not drip through the ridges around the lips, especially those of the fluff. The most suitable lipsticks for mature women are those with matte texture, which precisely have this proposal not to drain. If the woman seeks a little more glamor, she should apply some gloss on the center of the lips.

Brazil already has 25 million people over 60, who account for 20% of consumption, and these numbers will still grow a lot. The forecast, according to the study of eCGlobal and REDS is that, by 2040, one out of every three reais spent in the country comes out of their experienced pockets. Therefore, nothing fairer than to think about the mature consumer and her eternal vanity.

A manufacturer’s experience

Gustavo de Campos Diemant, O Boticario‘s Makeup Product Development Manager, says O Boticario is keeping an eye on all audiences of all age groups. “Over the past 10 years, we have conducted extensive research throughout the Brazilian territory, considering not only the different skin types in our miscegenation, their tones and textures, but also the behavior and need of each skin in different age groups, bringing special care to mature skin too. All of our makeup items are, directly or indirectly, developed on the basis of this research and with very contemporary technologies that enable a portfolio diversity that covers makeup for all tastes, skin types and age groups. ”

He tells the brand believes that the best way to serve its consumers is to make them feel good in their own way and accompany them at all times. “Identifying with a brand requires credibility, anticipation and understanding the needs of consumers in their different occasions of use of a product. For this reason, we always seek technological and innovative attributes in our products through the use of performance-packed ingredients such as high SPF, coverage in the first application, practicality in use and differentiated sensory. Attributes like thoseattract new users and bring consumers closer to our brands. ”

He points out that the most beloved product by consumers is Air Power, which combines full coverage and matte effect in a lightweight, ultra-fluid, long-lasting textured base. The product’s ultra-fluid texture provides complete coverage of imperfections, dries quickly and does not mark pores or fine lines. It is also noteworthy that this base has SPF 55, helping to protect the skin against skin damage caused by the sun. ”

Gustavo also points out that another product that caters to this audience is Make B. Skin Reducing Bags and Dark Circles Cream, which was developed especially for the eye area, helps to reduce bags and dark circles in just 7 days, minimizing the appearance of lines. thin immediately and leaving the skin smoother and more even.

“It is formulated with caffeine, ginkgo biloba and vitamin B3, antioxidant-acting ingredients that, in addition of being anti-fatigue, revitalize the eyes, thus reducing the appearance of tiredness,” he poins out.