It is not without reason the popular saying ‘Men take longer to grow old’ is commonplace. The signs of aging appear later in the male skin, but from the moment these signs begin to appear the changes occur rapidly. To a greater grade than women, men are affected by the loss of muscle mass, firmness of the skin and the appearance of deep wrinkles combined with the swelling of the eyes and dark circles, rapidely, causing appearing an appearance of tiredness.

In response to this reality, what one sees nowadays is a man much more concerned with the healthy and jovial appearance, that uses cosmetics with certain aplomb to delay the signs of aging, considering the labor market more restricted and the good appearance and joviality important factors for professional performance. In this way the dermatological clinics are increasingly receiving the male audience in Brazil – and also abroad – for procedures to fill wrinkles, improve sagging, finally renew appearance.

Male skin, both face and body, has a distinct composition of female skin and this difference should be considered when choosing products for daily care. They can even benefit from a personalized approach to skin care to help them stay healthy and look natural.

The hormone testosterone determines the male characteristics, including the skin, which establishes a different structure in relation to the female. In general, men have thicker, greasier skin on both the face and body, and it ages differently. On average, it is approximately 20% thicker than female skin and contains more collagen, which favors firmer appearance.

Colágenocolagen in younger and older skin

Studies show that the amount of collagen is reduced throughout life in men’s skin, at constant speed and in small portions. Men only begin to show signs of aging on average after 50 years. In female skin the concentration of protein starts to decrease on average 1.5% from the age of 30, with greater intensity after menopause, when the woman has up to 75% less collagen in the body.

One of the biggest global trends of 2018 was cosmetics for men’s skin, according to research and cosmetic skin care treatments come in the wake of this concern for care. Aware of this trend, the cosmetics industry has made more launches aimed at men’s skin. Some examples:

Skin Care for male skin

The tensor effect of the clay appears in the Treatment Kit with Red Clay Mask and Moisturizing Finisher from the Paraná company Quintal, for immediate tensor effect and to smooth the signs of aging in a month. Rich in hyaluronic acid and intensely emollient, it moisturizes without leaving oily skin. Contains Nanovetor of Senegal Acacia and Lychee Extract that encourage the synthesis of collagen and are antioxidant. Clinical trials have shown improved hydration for 100% of volunteers at four weeks of use and more firmness and elasticity in the skin of 93% of volunteers within four weeks use. The products are free from harmful and non-biocompatible ingredients. (R $ 172.00)


Hinode has developed the H-Men Fluid Multiaction FPS 30 anti-aging action, protects against UVA / UVB rays, controls oiliness, unclogs pores and revitalizes the skin.


Natura has the Natura Homem Anti-signs Moisturizer for the market, which reduces expression lines, smoothing out signs of fatigue. Multifunctional, it includes Chronos Antissinais technology, which recovers energy from the skin; keeps the skin hydrated and has FPS30. The texture is dry and anti-freeze. (R $ 79.90)

O Boticário has developed Men Multi-Protective Moisturizing Multi 6 in 1, anti-aging, moisturizing and multivitamin for the skin, with protection against UVA and UVB rays (FPS20), no shine, light and fast absorption. And it has soothing effect on the after-shave. (R $ 62.90).
To revive the vitality of the Energy Energetic Menace Serum, it includes Energy Action, which stimulates the cells to produce more energy giving the skin feeling renewed and energized. Detox effect, removes toxins from the skin avoiding the action of free radicals. (R $ 59.90)

  • For cosmetics manufacturers, the active Diam Oleoactif (Hallstar), distributed by quantiQ is an active anti-inflammatory oil for all types of skin including sensitive ones, obtained by eco-extraction, extracted from cork through process by microwave and ultrasonic, with proven in-vitro and clinical efficacy tests.

Behaviors and dermatology

In the study conducted by the QualiBest Institute, under demand of Abihpec – Brazilian Association of the Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry, the research revealed the behaviors and consumption habits of the Z (13 to 20 years) and X (35 to 45 years ).

A total of 425 men from A, B and C classes from all regions of the country were interviewed, and almost half (45%) considered themselves very vain and more than half (51%) has agreed that in addition to well-being, the good appearance is an investment that can bring personal and professional opportunities.

Specific treatments for the skin are also part of the care routine of both generations. To give you an idea, 53% of the participants reported regular visits to the dermatologist.

According to the experts there are some daily care that can help keep the skin well treated with a jovial appearance:

Cleaning – It is very common for men not to use facial soaps specific to their skin, which can lead to reactions to the chemical components or not give the ideal result. The dermatologist can identify the type of each skin and then indicate appropriate sanitizers.

Hydration – key to skin quality and delaying of age signs.

Sun protection – In a tropical country like Brazil, the daily use of sunscreen is very important, because UVA and UVB rays can cause besides stains, burns, aging and skin cancer. Today on the market, there are protectors for each type of skin in versions colorless or with color.

Aesthetics – Just like women, men can also mitigate wrinkles, lines of expression and furrows. A medical specialist evaluates and indicates Aesthetics – Just like women, men can also mitigate wrinkles, lines of expression and furrows. In addition to the  already well-known application of botulinum toxin, the laser for recurring acne scars, peeling for the removal of age skin blemishes or  sun are among the most sought after options, since these are non-invasive procedures that promote the reduction of wrinkles and a significant improvement in appearance.  All of them well known and used. But a new procedure has been gaining the attention of women and men because it treats exactly what the body has been losing as it ages – collagen.

“In chronological aging, skin thickness decreases as a consequence of the reduction of collagen and elastic fibers. The consequences can be mitigated by a combination of treatments aimed at restoring part of this lost collagen, “explains Dr. Bruno Vargas, a dermatologist and a full member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD).

One of the treatments that may be indicated are collagen biostimulators. Poly-L-lactic acid, also known as Sculptra® (Galderma), is a collagen biostimulator and is a treatment option used by physicians to improve facial flaccidity and contour by up to 433%! (Stein P, Vitavska O, Kind P, Hoppe W, Wieczorek H, Schürer NY, The biological basis for poly-L-lactic acid-induced augmentation, J Dermatol Sci. 2015, 78: 26-330).

The product has already been widely used by women and men have also become interested in the procedure.

“The results that Sculptra® provides are due to the stimulation of a controlled inflammatory response that leads to the formation of new collagen in the tissues. In practice, this implies better quality and stiffening of the skin and improved sagging and facial contour, leading to overall facial rejuvenation, “says Dr. Bruno Vargas.

The product works from the inside out, softening the signs of aging and improving sagging for up to 25 months. It is performed in a doctor’s office and the results are gradual, from the third week after the first session. More visible after six months.

Nothing too special  for those who want to keep their appearance healthy without the fatigue appearance provided by the sagging. Male makeup is a more distant stage for the Brazilian man. Cosmetics (multifunctional and non-sticky) and cosmetic clinics have found an avid public interested in good products and some procedures to care for the skin, thus maintaining a healthy and well-disposed appearance.