A grateful surprise for most women who like to take good care of themselves, but have a certain resistance to buying various products for their daily beauty ritual is Micelar Water, which can in a single product cleanse, tone, remove makeup or day-to-day soiling, to control oiliness, soothe skin irritability, balancing pH, among other functions. In addition it is a very light water, which does not irritate the skin, does not need greater friction of the cotton to work well.

This is another marvel that hits women’s need for modern, efficient products and, like anti-pollution products, came to stay. Unlike other types of deodorants (biphasic, alcoholic, etc.), the micellar solution is a hygienic option that replaces the soap, the deodorizer and the tonic, 3 stages little tolerated by the most sensitive skins.

The technology behind Micellar Water that makes it an effective cleanser, a non-alcoholic tonic and a beauty treatment, are the micelles, particles that act as magnets attracting and eliminating impurities and makeup.


According to Larissa Garé – Director of Strategic Marketing at Bioderma, micellar technology consists of a very specific concentration of surfactants (dispersing agents) dispersed in water to form the biphasic microspheres (micelles), which form in a solution of water and surfactants. The outside part of these spheres is composed of hydrophilic molecules (which have water affinity). In the inner part of the micelle there is a concentration of lipophilic molecules (affinity for fat), which resemble the substances that make up the makeup, oiliness and impurities accumulated in the skin throughout the day.

Hence the Micelar Water to work just so well. In general the product is indicated for all skin types, including the most sensitive, and does not need rinse. In addition, according to Larissa, it is possible to add ingredients in the micellar solution formula so that it has other functions, such as a tonic or treatment.

In the case of Sensibio H2O, Micellar Water of the French brand, the Pepino Extract included in the formula acts as a soothing and decongestant and also as a care. When applied on the skin, the micelles open, leaving the lipophilic molecules in contact with the face. The affinity of the lipophilic polo by fat captures makeup and impurities, taking the dirt that was on the skin to the surface of the cotton, without changing the lipid barrier of the skin. Specialized in micellar solutions, Bioderma has in Brazil the version for sensitive skins Sensibio H2O of soothing action, decongestant, antioxidant and moisturizing and Sèbium H2O, specific for oily skins, purifying action, antibacterial and with oiliness control. Both are available in 3 sizes: 100, 250 and 500ml, with prices as: R $ 29,90 (100 ml Sensibil H2O); R $ 71.80 (250ml Sebium H20) and R $ 106.50 (500ml Sebium H2O)

Different types

Unlike other types of makeup (biphasic, alcoholic, etc.), the micellar solution has no alcohol and other potentially irritating ingredients for the skin. Instead, it may bring in its formulation the addition of natural extracts, such as Chamomile, present in Vult’s Micellar Water (R $ 120,00), soothing and soothing, says Monica Truffa, marketing of Vult.
With the strong growth of this market and the launch of new products, it is necessary to evaluate products that seek to continue with the development of high tolerance formulas (without alcohol, without parabens), but still with irritating potential: “There are still micellar solutions with dyes and Preservatives that can cause allergies in sensitive skin, “warns Larissa Garé.

Sensitive and Economical

Each micellar solution has its peculiarities in the removal of the makeup, depending on the formula and cleaning agent used. In any case, the hydrophilic and lipophilic affinities of the micelles work without irritating the skin, so Micelar Water is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

According to Monica Truffa, Micelar Water promotes a gentle cleansing, with no aggressitions to the of the skin’s natural barrier and was designed to minimize possible skin reactions to formulations containing alcohol, soap and other substances that could alter its natural pH, ‘what occurs most often on sensitive skins,’ she points out.
But in the cost-benefit ratio on how many cottons does the Micelar Water remove, for instance, the mascara to the eyelashes, considered one of the most difficult removal products? In the case of Sensibio H2O, the complete removal of the makeup is made with less product and less cotton – 4 cottons are enough, guarantees Larissa Garé.

“Vult Micelar Water has 180ml and great yield. It works for the removal of eyelash masks other than those with waterproof formulation, for this purpose we indicate a specific product. But the amount to be used will depend on the amount of layers of mask used, the absorption of the cotton, among other factors, “says Monica.
It is possible to clean the face only with micellar water provided that no resistant or waterproof products have been used which require a more specific cleaning. “Vult’s Micelar Water ensures cleansing with calming and soothing effect, without the need to rinse, keeping the skin healthy and balanced every day,” says Monica.


Acqua Micelar Aminoderme by Bel Col, besides removing the makeup in a delicate way, protects the skin against the harmful actions of the day to day. Developed with a circular micellar structure surfactant, it contains  Collagen and Senegal’s Acacia which forms an anti-pollution compound and also 8 Amino Acids that collaborate with the NMF – Natural Hydration Factor and help to sequester skin dirt, maintaining water balance without de-structuring your PH. Eliminates the impurities of the so-called “pollution 3Cs”, result of the exposure generated by the city, computer and mobile, guarantees the company.


O Boticario has developed its Micellar Water for  Make B. make-up line, which absorbs waste and effectively removes impurities and make-up without harming the skin. The product also offers moisturizing and calming effect to the skin. Make B.  Demaquilante Fluido Micelar (110ml, R $ 44,90)


The Italian brand Ada Atina has also developed a micellar water thinking about pollution and brings Acqua Micellare to the country, which is multifunctional: cleans, purifies, take off the makeup, hydrates, refreshes and normalizes the pH. (R $ 120.00)


KUR Cosmeticos and Bem-Estar has developed its Micellar Water without dyes, without essence and free of parabens. It works as a mild daily cleaning water, which can be used in the morning and evening. Cleans and tones and hydrates the skin of the face without agression it. Contains apple water (anti-aging and energizing) and lemon water (illuminator) and is suitable for all skin types. R $ 69.90

For Maria Christina Loeblein, pharmacist of  KUR Cosmeticos e Bem-Estar, the micellar water brand Kur Cosmetics e Bem-Estar offers a good cleansing to the skin. However, because it covers all skin types, for deeper cleansing, she recommends the use of a cleanser or a mild liquid soap.


La Roche – Posay (L’Oréal) brings a line of Micellar Solution with: Micellar Ultra Solution for all skin types, including thesensitive ones, and Effaclar Ultra Micellar Solution, of the already recognized Effaclar line, for oily skins.
Both offer efficacy, deeply remove makeup from face, eyes and lips gently. They also remove pollution particles that attack the skin and include La Roche-Posay thermal water, which soothes, softens, moisturizes and fights free radicals, the company says. (R $ 34, 90 each)

And Vichy (L’Oreal), offers its Normaderm Micellar Solution, a facial cleansing lotion suitable for oily skin. It has purifying and soothing action, leaves the pores clean and provides a matte effect to the skin. (R $ 69.90)

Cosmotec highlights the minimalist formulation of high performance and cold process FC1517 Micelar Facial Water, of smooth cleansing that offers vitality to the skin. A multifunctional solution that cleans and treats the skin without irritating it, providing a soft and pleasant touch. According to the company, it has high cleaning power, eliminates impurities from day to day and removes makeup. It contains energizing treatment, to promote greater vitality and balance to the skin.

Mônica Batistela, coordinator of Technical Marketing – Cosmetics, of quantiQ highlights some products that can be indicated in the development of micellar waters: Amisoft ECS 22SB: Anionic surfactant derived from glutamic acid and coconut fatty acid, smooth and hypoallergenic. “It has an excellent conditioning effect for skin and hair. Its foaming ability is good and is an effective additive to conventional surfactants, improving their softness. It can be used in formulations without rinsing, “she points out.
Ajidew ZN 100: Active which contains Zinc and PCA derived from glutamic acid, has oiliness control function without dry; Olivem 300: Natural repositor of olive lipids, it maintains the natural oiliness of the skin. It allows formulating transparent products such as shampoos, shower gel and bath foams, as well as micellar waters. It is a 100% active product, reduces the irritation caused by conventional surfactants. And also, Eurol BT: multifunctional ingredient of olive leaves, rich in bioflavonoids and polyphenols. It protects the skin effectively from the harmful effects of free radicals. It also acts as antioxidant, photoprotective, antimicrobial and skin whitening agent, guarantees the company.