Hands speak and are always in view, as are fingernails, fingertips that move and attract the eye, especially for those working near a keyboard. They express care, hygiene and style, that come to reveal a lot about a woman. Therefore nail polishes, bases or just mere care, for those who prefer bare nails, are a necessity.

The treatment products that every day arise to meet consumers who need a reinforcement to the nails, sometimes weakened by the non stop use of enamels, are gaining a body in the segment of hands and nails. From natural oils and waxes for hands and nails, to moisturizers and nourishing actives, this  market niche shows its face in discrete releases: from serums, nail protectors and nails, to less aggressive nail polish removers and even a kind of primer for nail ripples.

Global search agency Mintel developed a specific research on these products and the new claims for this market in late 2017. They are new opportunities in products that have a captive audience and lack of effective nail care news.

According to the agency, the importance of skin care claims in color cosmetics is now heading to the nail segment. “Brands can gain consumer attention when they include more nail care benefits in their product offering, allowing users to take care of nails in just one step.” And there is an opportunity for nail polish manufacturers to create products that increase nail care. nail health and also better application, “says Charlotte Libby, global beauty and personal care analyst for Mintel.

Data from the global research agency from 2017 points out: 607 US women, over 18, connected to the internet make their own nails. 33% of them use some type of treatment for the nails and 28% of them use some type of treatment for the cuticles. In Brazil, in 709 women buyers over the age of 16, 17% of women who purchase nail polishes or nail treatments would be interested in moisturizing nail masks. (Source: US: Lightspeed / Mintel, BrazilIpsos Observer Brazil / Mintel)

With the category of nail care interested in consumers, international brands are bringing innovations to this sector, and replicating the claims seen on facials.

Nail products nocturne, reminiscent of night face creams, were launched by Nails Inc in 2016 with the Overnight Detox Mask, Green Tea Mask, Acai and Spirulina, powerful antioxidants to stimulate healthy nail growth. US$ 15. And by Sally Hansen brand, Moisture Rehab, to be worn overnight. It moisturizes and rejuvenates nails and cuticles with extracts of Black Orchid, Acai and Algae.

In a country where beautiful nails and well-groomed  are culturally admired, complaints about their appearance and health are frequent in dermatological offices. The fragility of the nails is caused by the Fragile Nail Syndrome (SUF) – a condition that affects 20% of the general population, more common in women. SUF is a cosmetic problem with a high impact on quality of life and is characterized by decreased elasticity and increased fragility of the visible part of the nail, due to its exposure to chemical agents, cosmetics containing formaldehyde, presence of fungi and repetitive traumas such as for example, typing, says the website of the dermacosmetics company Mantecorp Skincare.

Unedrat – Natural and dermatological

Mentorp Skincare launched about two months ago Unedrat, a moisturizing and strengthening serum in pen-shaped applicator for health care and nail brittleness. It brings a combination of effective-acting active ingredients that act as strengthens, moisturizers, repairers, protective barrier builders and antiseptics, and reduce and improve cuticle appearance. Contains Vectorized Organic Silicon, Macadamia Oil, Soy Glycines, Peach Butter, Shea Butter and D-Panthenol.Granado

SOS Cuticle Pen, by Granado

In Brazil, just for women who exchange glazes up to twice a week or more, Granado presents in its portfolio the Nutritive Wax for Nails and Cuticles, with vegetable wax of cereals associated with oat milk and a combination of silicones, for moisturize and strengthen nails that become dry and brittle. (R $ 23.75). Also from the brand the SOS Cuticle Pen Perfect, it is enriched with Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E. According to the company, it promotes the renewal and immediate hydration of the cuticles, and provides brightness and softness from the first application. (3.5g, $ 30.00) And still the nail strengthening oil, to be applied and massaged on the nails before bed, leaving them strong and protected. (R $ 21.00)

Natura has in the body line TodoDia de Cerejeira the Nail Wax and  Cuticles Ameixa e Flor de Cerejeira, which strengthens the nails and reduces the cuticle. It is moisturizing, it contains nutritious oils in its composition to restore natural glow to the nails. (18g, R $ 23.80). Also from the brand are Natura Ekos Concentrated Oils, which can be used alone to enhance the benefits for hair, skin and nails.


Natura – Wax for Nails and Cuticles Ameixa e Flor de Cerejeira (Plum and Cherry Blossom)

L’Occitane has its Hand Cream and Nails Roses, which helps to nourish, soften and protect hands while helping to moisturize nails. Contains shea butter, known for its nutritional and moisturizing properties.

O Boticario
presents in its Nativa Spa Vinoterapia (wine therapy) line a deodorant cream for hands and nails with SPF 15, which revitalizes and hydrates the skin for 30 hours, and also strengthens and restores nails without damaging the enamel. From the same brand, the Deodorant Moisturizing Cream for Hands and Cuticles Plum, with nutritive and moisturizing properties leaves the cuticles and skin of the hands smoother. (75g, R $ 23.90)


Nativa Spa Vinoterapia – Deodorant Moisturizing Cream for Hands and Cuticles  with SPF 15

Risque (Coty) offers a complete nail treatment line, with: Restorative Serum, whose continuous use provides hydration of up to 30% of the cuticles and restores up to 40% of the nails, day to day. Creme 2 in 1, which softens the cuticle, moisturizes for 24 hours and has practical packaging with applicator nozzle; Strengthening base, for weak and brittle nails (up to 40%) and Leveling Base, to correct flaws, undulations and stretch marks, providing 60% stronger nails. The line also offers specific products for enamelling, with Base Silk, which protects nails for enamelling; Brilliant coverage that guarantees enamel durability and brightness for 7 days and Spray and Drying Oil, which protects nails freshly enameled against dust, scratches and smudges.

Kosmein presents its nail builder that regenerates fragile, brittle, wavy nails that chip frequently, leaving nails strong, protected and healthy. Adheres perfectly to nail surface, ensuring resistance and protection. Its organic bonding with keratin allows healthy strengthening and growth of the nails, preventing dryness and scaling, says the company. (10ml, R $ 25.00)

An interesting idea is Nails Inc.‘s multifunctional nail make-up, which promises to make the nail grooves disappear, it hardens immediately, and corrects any discoloration. From the same brand, the Sweet Almonds Powered product from Matcha Nail Polish, formulated with a sweet almond oil base and enriched with the superfood: powerful matcha powder and powerful antioxidant.


Multifunctional nail make-up – food trend

And yet, by  Nail Paint,  Barry M Coconut Infusion brings a ‘unique’ blend of coconut water and coconut oil, to moisturize and gently nourish the nails.

he Brazilian Beauty’in, brand of ‘alimetics’ created by  entrepreneur Cristiana Arcangeli, developed a nail polish remover that does not need cotton and does not dry the nails. Practical and efficient, the Beautylab Express Enamel Remover removes all enamel in a matter of seconds without the use of cotton. Just dip your finger in the pot. It does not contain formaldehyde, tuolene or DBP and is acetone-free. 75ml yields approximately 1000 nails (R $ 15,90)

Beauty In

Beauty In –  Express Enamel Remover beautylab

Still  from the brand, BeautyLAB,  based on collagen and plant stem cells treats, strengthens and nourishes the nails in a collection of 28 unique colors, and a strengthening base. The enamels come in a glass of 8ml and the suggested value is R$ 10.90.

Nati Eliana brand has vitamins, actives and high technology capable of treating, strengthening and returning health and esthetics to the nails. All products in this line are 5FREE of substances that can cause allergies. The Power Vitamins Base contains Calcium, Active-E, grape seed oil, among other active ingredients, which form a powerful blend of vitamins for nail protection and revitalization.


Nati Eliana – strengthening treatments

Protein Base contains Melaleuca oil and its acids, the protein base aims to aid in strengthening the nails, normalizing growth and improving resistance. Nail Base is bitter and safe to completely inhibit nail biting. And Ultra Secante (drying with Avocado Oil, helps strengthen weak and brittle nails and moisturize cuticles. Even the Gloss Cover, to finish the enameling and to intensify the color and the brightness of the enamel, contains Omegas 3, 6 and 9, actives that aid in the combat of inflammatory processes of the nails and in the uniform growth of the same ones. R $ 3,50 each (bottle with 10 ml and flat brush).

Eximia – nutritional nutricosmetics

Another bet is the strengthening nutricosmetics. For example, Exímia has developed the Fortice Kera D which, among other benefits, improves the strength, strength, growth and integrity of the nails. Contains Vitamins A, C, D, E, Biotin, Complex B, Zinc, Magnesium and Iron. (30 tablets, $ 59.99)

The gastronomic trend also appears on the nails. Here in Brazil and in other countries, the concern with chemicals and stressing, leads the segment to seek new inspiration in ingredients and textures, such as: turmeric, carrot, milk and almonds, considered beneficial for skin health and nails, offer new market opportunities.

In 2016, Nails Inc has launched a line of charcoal-based nail polishes to protect the nails against pollutants and protection against pollution and UV rays, indicating new approaches.

Another trend pointed out by Mintel is the enamels that meet the senior demand. The aging of the world’s population indicates that nail brands can do more to meet these consumers, who with age have more fragile nails. There are product opportunities for hydration, strengthening, and uniformization developed specifically for older consumers. The ‘Natural Pink’ shade of the Shiseido Prior Nail BB Gel line, for example, is a jovial shade to tone or hide flaws and vertical lines that appear on aged nails as it gives a radiant and smooth finish to the nails.


Shiseido Prior Nail BB Gel – for the senior public

And even the removal of nail polishes, which can be severe for the nails and cuticles, can receive innovations that increase the benefits of nail polish removal that can encourage more frequent application of nail polish. Treat Gentle Nail Polish Remover, for example, is mild, soy based. Its formula is made with pure argan oil and enriched with vitamins. While Kester Black released a water-based vegan remover.

Enamel removers can look for tendencies in skin care, such as dual cleaning, transformative textures, and oil encapsulation to create products that appeal to consumers. For Mintel´s Charlotte Libb, manufacturers of glazes could borrow the language and skin cleansing formats to create more nutritious nail polish removers with benefits such as dual cleaning and oil encapsulation. “Nail brands have the opportunity to take more risks in relation to the functions of the product,” she says.

In Brazil the nail market is very dynamic, but it can be even more so. It is great to know that there are so many opportunities for formulators and ingredient suppliers for this market.