Second biggest seller of deodorants in Brazil, Natura, a Brazilian multinational of cosmetics and toiletries and beauty, makes its first foray into the aerosol deodorant market with Ecocompacto.

Brazil is the largest market for deodorant in the world with sales of R$ 4.8453 billion (US$ 2,13 bi) in 2013, according to Euromonitor. It is a leader in the consumption of this kind of product, with 22% share of the world market and 89.2% penetration in the country (Kantar data 2013). In this market, the aerosol is the fastest growing applicator: 31% in 2009 to 50% in 2013, according to data Sipatesp. Unilever, the leader, has 38.5% market share.

The growth of the category of deodorant, essentially functional, is driven by the search for products that offer maximum performance and practicality, as the increase in income of the Brazilian consumer has allowed he to become more demanding and sophisticated. The classes C and D, for example, exchanged squeeze bottles by the brands wrapped in aluminum that have higher added value. Another factor was the increased investment in production capacity in Brazil, which allowed to the country, especially in the last year, a decrease of the dependence of the aerosol industry in Argentina, where the government subsidizes the gases used in aerosols. In recent years the Brazilian group Hypermarcas, owner of the brands and Monange Bozzano, started manufacturing in Brazil. Multinationals Procter & Gamble and Nivea multinationals also have chose to manufacture in the country and there is an expectation of Unilever soon start producing aerosol deodorants in Brazil.

“The rise of the  aerosol deodorant means a great business opportunity for Natura, since the company already has good performance in the deodorants market in general,” said Jose Vicente Marino, vice president of Natura brands and businesses. According to him, the loss of market participation – from 12.7% to 9.7% in the last three years – was caused by a lack of choice in their lines of aerosol deodorants. “Our biggest challenge in this project was to create a product with reduced environmental impact, as we do in any release. We’re just getting into this segment because we can develop technology that promotes less use of raw materials and lower carbon emissions, “added José Vicente,vice president of Products and Brands Natura.

The company proposal  brings 48% less environmental impact with the same yield and 24h of antiperspirant and deodorant protection. Starting with the formula that is concentrated. It unites the skin care and perfumery with antiperspirant protection and deodorant for 24 hours. It does not stain clothes – light or dark, is enriched with vegetable oil Olus Oil, rich in essential fatty acids similar to those present in the skin, ie, helps to maintain the integrity of the natural barrier. Moreover, the aerosols bring Natura fragrances in high concentration extending along the day, without fighting with the perfume.

“The Ecocompacto is efficient and significantly reduces environmental impact. The valve requires less propellant gas to the working of the whole. As a result, we have reduced the packaging size and thus the amount of material used, “explains Alessandro Mendes, director of formulation and packaging of Natura. The packaging Ecocompacto brings half of the volumetry a common aerosol,  75ml x 150ml, on average, 15% less of  aluminum  when compared to the market aerosols, according to tests performed by the company. “We just entered the aerosol market when we got to this technology,” adds Alessandro Mendes.

“The goal is to go beyond of neutralize the damages caused by the business and promote positive impact on social, environmental and economic. The new vision of sustainability Natura expresses the intention that our product lines stimulates new values ​​and behaviors needed to build a world more sustainable, as is the example of the new Ecocompacto “explains Denise Alves, director of sustainability at Natura.

The company will launch the aerosol in five lines of male and feminine products until the end of the year. Initially in exclusive fragrances Natura Erva Doce and Natura Tododia Macadamia, which will be available for purchase starting September. The male versions with fragrances Kaiak and Sr N arrive in October and the one of Natura Man ​​in November.


To communicate the news, Natura worked with the Taterka agency in developing a campaign that expresses the innovative bias of the product, without leaving aside the attributes valued by consumers and gifts in Ecocompacto such as protection, performance, perfume and yielding.

Under the motto “Small changes make a big difference”, the film highlights how small sustainable attitudes of the everyday, made ​​by each person, impacts positively  the environment, causing a collective good. “We seek to convey the concept of the new sustainable product, highlighting the benefits of conscious consumption for the whole . The Ecocompacto provides all the protection and care that the consumer seeks, with less impact on the environment, “explains the executive José Vicente Marino.

The debut of the campaign will take place in September, in open and closed TV, films with 30 “, 15″ and vignette of 7 ” . The video will also be digitally broadcasted on the Internet on channels like Youtube, Crackle, among other platforms. It will also feature ads on portals large audience with targeted content for public (male or female), and investment in social and printed media – double page in women’s and men’s magazines of general circulation.