According to Euromonitor in its Global Consumer Trends report 2019, “people around the world are living alone and increasingly embrace independent lifestyles by opting for Loner Living.” And it points to statistics in one of the largest countries in the world: “The Pew Research Center estimates that when young American adults today turn 50, 25% of them will be single for life.”

Whether being from the millenials generation, born from the year 2000, baby boomers born between 1950 and 1960, Generation X, born between 60 and 70, Y or Z, people are changing their concepts, influenced by the risks of the environment, opting for Conscious Consumption. They look for products that are increasingly practical and natural, above all, that respect the environment.

These new, more conscious consumers, and many already living the condition of unmarried, would be driven, either by the work or personal life they chose, to go out more, consequently they would be leaning to consume more. The new times, however, points out to ways of doing it in a more conscious and economic way, taking into account the environmental, social and healthier appeals.

Eles são impactados, por exemplo, por empresas limpas, que não poluem os mares e rios com embalagens plásticas, glitters, micro-esferas plásticas de esfoliantes, além de produtos práticos para carregar, especialmente os consumidores urbanos, frequentadores de academias, ou praticantes de esportes.

They seek, whenever well informed, more natural formulations, vegans, without components harmful to the environment or animal components and tests as well as economical, multi functional products – for men, hair products, beard and body hydration. For women the small products that fit in the bag and with multiple functions – from BB Cream to lipstick pencil that also serves to brighten and blush the face.

Following these trends, the international market for some time produces individualized, multi functional and definitely recycled and / or reusable items, in Brazil this is a path that has been perceived by the industry. The market offers some products – national and imported – that satisfy this most demanding public. The cosmetic br points here some of them:

ADCOS, Brazilian brand of dermocosmetics offers the Stick Incolor FPS 70 Solar Protector is practical and quick to apply. Can be carried in any type of bag. Colorless and easy to slide, it offers high sun protection with dry touch, plus water resistance, leaving no white residue on the skin. (R $ 124.00)

Guerlain has the Pore Minimizer to diminish and treat pores by instantly diminishing them with lasting results. It also helps control skin oiliness – with a combination of clay, zinc and vegetable extract – by removing dead cells and capturing the excess oiliness.

Inoar has its Hair & Body, a shampoo and shower gel in the same product, providing moisturizing and toning effect for hair and skin of all over the body. Enriched with Flor de Laranjeira, it has a mild formula, 100% botanical and vegan, and without sulfates. The economic packaging here in the case is family size (1000ml, R$ 29.90)


Sephora – individual packaging

Hair Treatment Mask by Sephora Collection Hair Masks,  a line of hair treatment masks that moisturizes and repairs the threads while the person sleeps, helping to optimize time. Developed to be applied with dry hair, when waking,  hair are already soft, with movement and more beautiful. (R $ 35)

Another interesting product of the brand is the Colorful Sephora Collection Cleansing Wipes, for makeup removal, without rinsing. Effective and practical, they do not leave oily or sticky skin after use. There is a whole line that fills the specific needs of each skin. Wipes have 2 different faces for 2 actions: exfoliating face, which gently removes impurities and  dead cells, and the smoothing side, which cleans efficiently removing any type of makeup. (R $ 45.00)

The Hinode Micelar Routine Cleansing Scarf for all skin types and dermatological tested. It costs R $ 24.90. Still from the brand,  is the H-Expert Dry Shampoo, which leaves hair looking clean, loose, free from oiliness or frizz. In the version 50ml to carry in the bag (R $ 26,00)

Caudalie presents its Beauty Water, which contains 100% ingredients of natural origin, like essential oils that awaken the beauty of the skin and soothe. Contains Grape, Orange Blossom, Rose, Biological Lemon Balm, Rosemary. The product closes the pores and promotes the luminosity of the skin. The packaging is recyclable. (30ml – R $ 89.00). And Organic Grape Water that contains a small dose of organic grape juice and formula rich in polyphenols, polysaccharides and minerals, helps maintain skin hydration. It is absorbed instantly, don´t need to dry out after applying.

O Boticário offers products for men and women: Men Shower Gel 3 in 1 brings an invigorating formula, which cleans the threads, leaving hair shiny and soft skin (R $ 26.90). Also for men, the Multi 6 in 1 Moisturizing Protector Men’s, a complete cream for practical men; combines protection against UVA and UVB rays, anti-aging, prolonged hydration, anti-shine, post-beard, and contains several vitamins to nourish the skin.

For women, the brand has developed several multi functional products and is now updating its lines with products that contains vegan identification. 30% of the make-up category portfolio contains items with no animal raw materials to meet the ever-increasing consumer demand for such products.


O Boticario updating lines with vegan identification

“We are in a growing movement to substitute raw materials from animal to vegetable, mineral, biotech or synthetic – always focusing on the quality, performance, stability, safety and efficacy of the products,” says Boticário’s Marketing Director, Alexandre Souza.

Some examples of these products: Make B. Foil Fancy, Radiance and Glamor – can be used as a lipstick, shade, lightener and blush, making it possible to create several looks and is a Vegan product, as well as Intense Duo Perfect  Mask for Doll Eyelash, leave the eyelashes more elongated and with 8 times more volume. The brush on one side combs and lengthens the lashes and the other gives volume and definition. Make B. 2 in 1 Skin Cleansing Mousse, specially developed to remove impurities and tone the skin in one step. Its manufacturing uses a 100% cold process, which means less power consumption reducing the environmental impact. In addition, it has eco toxicity reduction, meaning it is a product with less impact on water and is a Vegan Product.

The brand also works with reverse logistics, to capture packaging in its own stores and has products with ecological packaging, such as Nativa SPA Pitaya Sugar Exfoliating Oil Deodorant, made with recycled PET, which means that the company has incorporated the equivalent of more than 40 a thousand bottles of 2-liter soda that, if stacked, would have the height of 370 statues of the Redeeming Christ. The liquid base Intense Base Liquida Superfix Mate and Cuide-se Bem Deleite Moisturizing Body Deodorant Lotion, 400ml both products have packaging made with vegetable plastic, derived from sugar cane, which avoids the emission of greenhouse gases. In addition, its formulas use a 100% cold process, which means less energy consumption, reducing the environmental impact.


Mônica Batistela, marketing coordinator of quantiq‘s Cosmetics Segment, a GTM Group company says: “The search for multi functional products is a recurring trend that has come to stay, with the reduction of the size of housing in large urban centers, each space saved is valuable, even on the small shelf of the apartment’s bathroom. Another factor that brings perenniality to movement is the consumer’s lack of time. Who does not arrive at the end of the day needing a few more hours to finish solving all the day-to-day things? So, the time for beauty care is also limited what everyone looks for is a product that cleans, tones, moisturizes, fast, cheap, portable and is still anti-aging. The expectation is really a miracle in a small jar. ”

Ajidew NL 50 (Sodium PCA) from Ajinomoto,  is a natural moisturizing agent, derived from glutamic acid. It recomposes the natural moisturizing factor of the skin and hair, in addition to the hydration, soft and dry touch, desirable sensory for the skin care formulations, it improves the malleability of wet or dry threads bringing another range of products for application, further delays the fading of chemically colored threads, it also promotes the increase and creaminess of foam in soaps.

Olivem 1000 is another multi functional ingredient, an active olive-based emulsifier that forms a biomimetic barrier in the skin with a complex combination of fatty acids. It can be used for primers, sun protection filters, hair treatment masks, body moisturizers, face, hands and nails. E Farmal CS 3400, an active “talc free”, which can be used in makeup products that require oil control, dry shampoos, creams and lotions. It is a bio-based starch derived from corn, it acts as a viscosity agent and vehicle in cosmetic formulations. ”

Solvay, HGL (hexylene glycol), is a slow evaporating solvent with high solubility that acts as a humectant, as a functional component not only in the composition of fragrances, but also as a component in the final formulation of products for the skincare (eg micellar waters), hair care (shampoos and hair dyes) and home care (in softeners and cleaning products). It is a product without toxicity and biodegradable. The Augeo® line, a new generation of solvents, has been successful globally because it is composed of environmentally friendly and high performance products. Augeo® Clean Multi, for example, is a diluent used in the composition of fragrances, due to its low odor, enhancing the perfumers’ sensorial profile and slow evaporation, ensuring that pleasant odor lasts longer. Because it is produced from a renewable source, it has a low carbon footprint and has no oral and inhaled toxicity, which makes it ideal for use in environmental scents such as reed diffusers and electrical ambient aromatizers( plug-ins).