Every day men are more and more assuming vanity and  become an attractive focus to the personal care industry, perfumery and cosmetics (CT & F). Different lifestyles determine personal care habits and perfumes, so that research agencies begin to outline the profile of this new consumer, who now has quite different characteristics than ten years ago, but that determine  limit for own vanity.

It is what detected online market research of  Instituto Qualibest, designed especially for Abihpec – Brazilian Association of Personal Care, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry, which detected last year growth of 2.4% in the male market, representing more than R $ 21 mi  (US$ 6,54 mi) of the total industry revenue.

The survey showed that 43% of 425 men interviewed socio economic classes A, B and C are considered supervaidosos. Here it is the new man, without fear of assuming his vanity.

To further evaluate this vanity, Institute Qualibest Institute conducted a comparative survey by age, habits and attitudes, compiling data from 191 men of the generation Z – between 14 and 20 years and 234 men of Generation X, 35-45 years.

“We did a post on Facebook to understand which the concept of the Netizen in relation to male vanity,” said Raul Porto, executive of Institute Qualibest. According to him, which was evident in the research, it is that two generations consider that beauty is not an attribute to be pursued exclusively by women. “82% of respondents think that man has to take care of himself, because it brings personal and comfort also benefits,” he says. Another item that stood out in the survey, was the concept of vanity, considered by respondents as having a limit, with the justification that it becomes arrogant or exceeds the limit of masculinity.

Redesigned smells for new profiles

The survey showed that, by far, perfume is the item of greatest penetration, with 81% of respondents agreeing that the perfume is fundamental in everyday life, with penetration of 76% among the younger generation ‘Z’ and 85% among the most mature generation ‘X’. Hair is also an item that deserve attention from men, showing  Z  with 53% and X with 72%. Moisturizers are thirdly place with Z 30% and X  37%. Sunscreen on the other hand, have  not the same and necessary penetration: only 18% among  generation Z and 32% on the X generation.

The German fragrance house Drom recently launched seven new proposals in fragrances, with exclusive creations, in the event Brazilian Man 2016, which discussed the relationship of modern man with fashion, beauty, design and behavior. Thus, the company presented the urban habitat in seven different styles of men with images – living rooms or bedrooms – where decorative and personal objects that revealed styles, mingled with the smells.

“Actually we organized the moodboards with features present in these” profiles “/ apartments and sent them to the perfumers around the world, sending some olfactory directions, then selected in blind looking for moodboards and imagining these masculines,” says Renata Abelin, marketing of Drom.

As a result, apartment 01, for example, of large cities, where flow graffiti, skateboarding and neon light, the creation of the perfumer Anne Gautier presented the citrus composition, green, fruity, rhubarb, spicy emerging as a showcase for big cities . According to the home of German fragrances, “electricity at the top of the fragrance is due to combination Orange and  Rhubarb. The fuity heart opens to a more genderless structure, while the Black Pepper bottom  and Woody notes. warm the casual cosmopolitan mood .”

The apartment 02 of natural illustrations and sixties environment, but of modern finishing represented the profile ‘easygoing’ to the olfactory creation of the perfumer Olivier Paget, with woody, earthy, ambery, dry herbs, floral, musk. “In the wake of” the more natural, the better “we see the top notes with  Stalks Rhubarb rejuvenating the dry blend of Patchouli and Sage. The floral heart of Magnolia finalized in Tonka Bean resin responds for the retro flirtation of the blend ,” according with Drom.

Other representations were: a sportsman environment, of more energy profile, represented by Lavender, White Hawthorn, Nutmeg Flower, Carnation and Bergamot on top notes; Honeysuckle, Sandalwood, Violet Leaf and Cedar in the heart notes and Ambery Fougere para a base forte. The rock vibe environment in which the Olfactory direction has mixed materials such as leather, vinyl and metal to express attitude and mystery, with an ambery fragrance  full-bodied which reflects the smell of worn leather jacket, where dry and fine woods structure the  modern combinations of spices, plus some cozy features of Oud, which illustrates the metal side of the electric guitar strings.

For an open profile to the world, bold and extravagant a cologne of Brazilian Luis Paulo Natividade, a classic chord of modernly redesigned perfumery, where the top citric contains Bergamot, Sicilian Lemon, Tangerine and Mint. The heart notes take Lavender, Orange Blossom, Neroli and Lily of the Valley and in the bottom notes of are present Musk, Ambar and Wood. For the sober environment, a creation with top notes of Bergamot and Blueberry, immediately connected to the heart where Roasted Coffee Bean, Chocolate And Hazelnuts are combined. For a noble background, leather and cedar notes are evident.

Finally the olfactory creation with a hint of narrative Nouvelle Vague – unexpected and with nuances of sweat and seduction , represented by Woody Notes with Licorice, from which emerges a poetic top. The heart of feminine tonality exudes Jasmine, Violet and Cedar suggesting a company for this man and the combination that gives depth to the composition has Tonka Bean, Vanilla and Amber.