Controversial images that reflect society

Part of Brazilian society seems not to be quite ready for the new times and creates controversy, through protests and threats to those who dare to track your time. More than 80 complaints were posted on the website Reclame Aqui (Claim Here), against the campaign of O Boticario for the Valentine’s Day aired from 24 May on TV.

The brand announced the launch of the commercial as a defense of the “diversity of Love”, “beyond conventions,” in a campaign that shows different types of couples – straight and gay – exchanging gifts, in a reflection of relationships today in any capital city or the country. However, some of the more conservative audience has threatened the brand on social networks with the boycott of their products.

Conar – National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation said on Tuesday it filed a lawsuit for judging the advertising after receiving more than 20 complaints from consumers who found the piece “disrespectful to society and the family.”

But on YouTube, eventually installing a kind of “competition” to see if the advertising won more approvals or disapprovals and the “likes” exceeded “dislikes” with the number of 172 833 against 149 622, last Tuesday up to 17 hours.

The brand has not been sought by Conar, but made a statement regarding:
“O Boticario believes in the beauty of relations, present in all its communication. The proposal of “couples” campaign, which debuted on broadcast on 24 May, is to approach with respect and sensitivity, the current resonance on the different forms of love – regardless of age, race, gender or sexual orientation – represented by the pleasure of gifting the loved one on Valentine’s Day. O Boticario reiterates further that it valorizes the tolerance and respects the diversity of choices and views.

The ‘pink power’

Anyway, the controversy stirred up once again the Society for discussion of the topic and the campaign received more attention than they normally would, betting on an approach with a public of brand consumers, still very little considered in campaigns. Precedents in this kind of campaign are only two: Lacta, with its chocolates Sonho de Valsa, in a movie about kisses, and Gol, which showed a gay couple in their Mother’s Day campaign.

In England there are for at least three decades there is a industry called ‘pink’, which invests in the economic potential of a class that, according to surveys conducted by the local industry, has refined aesthetic sense and money to spend, since there is still no gay couples with a family to support, in the same proportion of straight couples.

In Brazil there are proposals veiled to conquer this audience, especially in fashion and real estate segments. But there is not still an open spread of these proposals to the general public.

In the House of Representatives Mr Jean Charles, a supporter of gay causes came out in favor of the brand and promises to continue buying his favorite perfume Accordes. And the business administrator specialized in commercial techniques and result assessment, Roger Estanieski, bets on increasing the market share of the company next month: “If the company pied a terre in this position, should reap laurels with this campaign, told the website ZH Life and Style “. And in the Gay Parade held this weekend in São Paulo, the Alexandre Silva boyfriends, 35, and Marconi Sales, 25, were dressed as gift packaging of O Boticario.