Despite the oral hygiene market move almost R $ 3 billion, according to Abihpec – Brazilian Association of Toiletries, Cosmetics and Perfumery Industry -, and of some brands feel the impact of the crisis, new brands are responding with the creation of quality products, organic options, investments in technology and more affordable prices.

Survey conducted by Kantar Worldpanel consulting agency indicated decline of 11 times to 10.5 times in frequency of shopping of toothpastes by the Brazilians. But the agency said the scenario is less negative than last year and the category began to react from the third quarter of 2015 when reducing the frequency began to decline.


Thinking about it Powerdent, young Brazilian company that actuate in oral care products, structures itself by offering to the market a line of quality products at affordable values. The company is increasing its partnership with the dental professionals, invests in the development of its industrial park and technology, with domestic production of specific machines.

“Despite the crisis, I can say that we are going very well. Four months ago we began to sell our lines to Raia Drogasil and Drogaria Sao Paulo, both with wide distribution throughout the country, says Angelo Lloret, commercial director and partner of Powerdent. In 2015 the company, founded in 2009, has invoiced in 2015 R $ 421,000 only with its dental gel Teleco & Teco. This year, the brand reached sales of 15,000 units / month. “Focusing on a single public has guaranteed good results and competitiveness in relation to other products on the market,” ensures Lloret.

Currently toothpastes represent only 5% of sales of Powerdent, which also manufactures dental floss, common toothbrushes and orthodontic toothbrushes. However, Lloret believes that this number is expected to reach 9% by the end of the year, with the release of Mundo Bita, a dental gel without fluoride designed to public from 0 to 6 years old.

“Due to the economic crisis in the country the company grew 30% in 2015, before that we arrived to have a growth of 2 or 3 times our revenues in the year. In fact we are taking market spaces that changed with the movement of acquisitions, thanks to our focus on quality at competitive prices, ” says Lloret. With these measures it estimates for 2016 a 30% growth compared to the R $ 12 billion of last year.

Promotions and innovations

Marina Albuquerque, Kantar Worldpanel account manager, indicate that with the drop in shopping frequency the economic version of toothpastes are the most sought after.

Attentive to market movements, Suavitex, manufacturer of toothpaste Contente, began offering promotional packagings take 4 – pay 3 for Contente line. Company provides a complete portfolio of oral hygiene. But his great leap was to invest also in the promising organic market, with toothpaste Organic Contente. “We are even returning with it to the São Paulo market, where we sell our products organic in health food stores, homeopathic pharmacies – the so-called ‘green channel’.”

He says that company has also discovered in Brazil the growth of this trend, which is already well developed in the foreign market. “We decided to expand our organic portfolio, and we will also produce by the end of the year, toiletries, says Jonas Lima, marketing manager of Suavetex, which also produces items for companies such as Oral-B and Dentil.

He clarifies that the fluoride and the other chemical ingredients were replaced in organic toothpaste, enabling it to children, another target of the company’s interest. “Our products are vegans because we ban animal testing,” adds Lima. The challenge however, according to him, is the high value of raw materials, even national, that are processed in laboratories outside the country.