By starting in 2015 a process of rejuvenation to reach the public that was losing over time, Payot began an update also in its communication with this younger audience, when renewing packaging, entering the social networks posting makeup tutorials in main channels and when hiring the ‘beauty blogger’, or the ‘digital influencer’ Mariana Saad to sign in partnership a liquid and mate lipsticks line.

The brand, which until today is confused with the French Payot – of professional products for beauticians, now in France, also in retail, but only with skincare products – arrived in the country in 1953 and twenty years later was bought by Grotkowski family, who bought only Brazilian Payot, licensed its name and started acting as a Brazilian brand Payot.

Today, Payot, whose owner is the matriarch of the family, Dirce Villas Boas Grotkowski works in two divisions: Professional, with the area of esthetics and Final Consumer, with skin care products and make-up for sale in retail.
The Professional division maintains the attendance and professional products for esthetics plus a School of Makeup and Aesthetics and Services in São Paulo. The Final Consumer Division sells to retailers, such as Renner, for Riachuelo stores that include the area of perfumery, as well as large cosmetics stores (where it actuates heavily), perfumery and drugstores.

Starting in 2015, the brand started investing in new design for packaging, modernizing it, but maintaining its effective formulas, elements that have made it a beloved brand among Brazilian women. Thus the classic blue and gold packaging gave way to a no less classic but more upgraded black and white. “We also started working the lilac, a reference of the brand, to compose the cartridge print inside. We also work on the refining of the Logo and on the packaging letters design for skincare and makeup products, “says Flávia Montebeller, marketing director at Payot.

The skin care packagings won flip top tubes and colorful laminate in the cartridges, highlighting products appeals in tune with the new times of self-service, which bring customers closer to the products. Custom furniture has also been created in some stores, according to specific demands, such as for Riachuelo, which now includes in some of its stores an area for perfumery and beauty (40 stores currently and by the end of the year will be 116 units).

In the line of care for the skin, the brand offers six products with packaging redesigned for the final consumer, being the flagship product Payot Complex Vitamin C. “The formulas are very good so they were retained, but new products were created,” Says Flavia. And for the line of makeup, which counts with more than 100 items, were developed Mate Base HD, the Liquid Concealer HD and the Liquid Mate lipstick collection.

To divulge its new profile, Payot used social network. “We used the name Payot Brasil in social network to promote the new Payot, which became known to the new generation through bloggers of ‘Best Friends’, who publicize the brand through a partnership with the brand. Payot makeup line is also publicezed the influencers Alice Salazar, Mariana Saad and the actress Monique Alfradique and the YouTube makeup tutorials.

The inspiration for the new Collection of Lipsticks Mariana Saad for example, the brand searched trends in Brazil and abroad, in addition to the blogger’s preferences. “The influencer is a marketing strategy, to get ourselves closer to the young audience and Mariana’s choice happened because she was a charismatic digital influencer, as well as having an affective history with the brand, since she started to makeup herself using Payot products of her mother, ” says Flavia.

“Matte makeup is part of my style and the liquid lipstick with this finish is very requested by my readers for the tutorials,” says Mariana. Lipsticks offer long lasting and have velvety touch, are high coverage and easy to apply, providing intense color and uniform finish.

The colors convey different moods and personalities to the taste of the ‘beauty blogger’. Each of them gained a special name: Mouth Nothing in a nude version deleted. Discreet and chic; Selfie, a nude in neutral tone; Sweethearts, a more rosy nude tone; Beautiful readers, a striking mauve that continues in the family of nudes; Boca Tudo is the most daring version of the entire collection: a dark-toned grape-chic mouth and the face of winter; Powerful and sensual red lipstick woman.
The Mariana Saad Payot Collection is available at the best cosmetic stores in the country, for R $ 24.90 each.