Imagem: Pink Cheeks

Three Brazilian friends united by sport and entrepreneurship have created Pink Cheeks, an indie brand that stands out for its products focused on the differentiated needs of sports practice, but also serves other audiences.

Triathletes Corina Cunha, Gisele Violin and Renata Chaim have been practicing sports racing together since 2009, and used to share the pains of blisters and rashes with the frustration of not finding satisfactory solutions of relief in the market. In 2013, they have decided to turn the nuisances they felt during training into opportunity. And they created Pink Cheeks with the proposal of creating and producing specific formulations for athletes.

Five years later, Pink Cheeks stands out as the first Brazilian cosmetics company for sports, one of the tendencies pointed by Mintel in in-cosmetics Latin America 2017 among trends, insights and innovations. This year they will prestige the event, which will take place on 19 and 20 September.

The idea of Pink Cheecks came from the Triathlon, an activity common to the three friends: Carina Cunha, Gisele Violin (sister of triathlete Ciro Violin) and Renata Chaim. They use to suffer from wear resulting from the daily practice of swimming, cycling and running. Corina had melasma, Gisele suffered with blisters on her feet and Renata suffered from rashes on various parts of her body.

Corina is a pharmacist and had a pharmacy for handling. Then the friends started developing products for their specific problems based on the problems they had during the proofs. Corina developed some products and we started to experiment. They were sunscreens, anti-rashes, product for the hair knots that appear in the Triathlon Trials. And that’s how we started,” tell the entrepreuners.

“There were no specific products for these problems in the Brazilian market. Some products for rashes we saw a lot abroad, but not here. Ours is the only one in Brazil, “says Corina, which is now responsible for the development of Pink products.

The first product was the Pink Stick FPS60 PPD20 sunscreen for her own problem of pharmaceutical sunspots in racing. The product has high protection, does not run off, does not come out in the water and remains active on the skin throughout the Triathlon proof. The product still has five different shades and a colorless one, that can be used by men. “His pigment concentration is low, 8%, so the product does not leave the athlete with a masked appearance, but a soft cover for the athlets reach the podium with a good appearance. The purpose is not makeup, but protection. It’s a sunscreen, “her friends explain. For him the brand later developed the Bubbles Face, to remove the sunscreen, which has great fixation to the skin.

Matte toning sunscreen

They then developed a niche product to avoid, and also to heal bubbles, a recurring problem for Gisele Violin, a business administrator, who is in charge of Pink Cheeck’s administration, whose name is inspired on the friends’ red cheeks, before developing their own protector solar. “Redless Coat is a specific product for blisters and rashes and it has an anti-friction effect. It meets three different types of friction: skin with skin, skin with tissue (in spray) and cycling (intimate areas). To date there is no similar product in Brazil, “tell Renata and Corine.

The rashes were the problem of Renata Chaim, advertising and responsible for brand marketing. For her was developed the Redless, based on almond oil, with Vitamin E and that can also be used to regenerate the skin. It also contains sunscreen, which, although not intended for the product, helps those who wear rubber clothing to swim and gets unprotected in the neck. The product forms a thick layer. It also protects the nipple from men who bake with running shirts.

anti-knots – for hair on Triathlon

The best selling product is the Anti-Shock, which is the anti-knots, to be used in the ponytail. Does not embarass, has sunscreen and moisturizes hair. “Today it is seen many women running. It is specific for hair that gives knots, due to the salt of the sea, the sweat and the wind. Today the brand has developed a complementary line for hair, such as shampoo and conditioner and modeler for wet hair, among others.

Another interesting product of the brand is the Keep Fit, which minimizes the appearance of calluses on the feet, for those who run, a fairly common problem. Contains salicylic acid, it helps to thin the skin, has 10% shea butter, which will moisturize and decrease the keratin layer of the skin that gets thick, leaving the feet soft and moisturized. And ‘Like a Princess’, a cream for post-relaxation relaxation. It has menthol in the formula, but also D-Panthenol, Karite Butter, which moisturize.

The novelty of the brand is a product to be applied to the hair before swimming, which neutralizes chlorine, forming a biomimetic cuticle on the wire, protecting the hair from damage. In addition to solving an issue that catches those who practice sports, it also opens up a new niche business, which are the companies involved in swimming.

There is even a facial line, there is a line of sun shields for the lips, which effectively protect and all products can be worn by both women and men.

Thus, from the pains and dislikes of the sport, formulas and tests appeared, many tests. Some products took six years to be develop. Until the products arrived in the hands of a blogger and that’s where Pink Cheecks became known.

“By legislation, the manipulation pharmacy can only sell in-store or on the site itself and as consumers of our products were increasing, there has been a need to increase production. So we decided to set up an industry, “says Carina.

Among the main difficulties encountered by the friends were: the investment, the difficulty of negotiation and the purchase minimum that the outsourced companies ask for. “If we had not invested in the industry itself, that would be a big problem,” say the friends/entrepreneurs. “This was the main reason we wanted to have the whole structure in our hands. To be able to launch a product and make 200 units, seeing their acceptance, and to increase production as needed.

Other than that, communication is also very difficult for those who start, the entrepreneurs point out. According to them, this problem was overcome by the pioneering of some products in Brazil and the attendance of a specific niche. From the beginning of the brand, in 2013, Pink Cheeks started selling directly to the consumer, through its e-commerce, and through consultants. “Today we already sell to the specialized retailer. We sell for example in Decathlon, some stores of The Beauty Box, in some other e-commerces such as Netshoes, Beleza na Web, Época Cosméticos. But among our direct sales consultants, there are many girls who run too, or are involved in some wellness activities and that counts. They are very important to our sales. In addition we work with instagram, which has daily information about athletics activities and our products and Facebook. Today we have consultants in all regions of the country, either with consultants or large stores, “they say.

The brand recognition came through a quote from Mintel in in-cosmetics Latin America 2017 as a niche market trend. “For us it was a big pride because it takes away the idea that only big companies can succeed. We believe in hard work and we chase after. Today we realize that we never went after the big retailers, the ones who came after us. Some industries, including cosmetics, that meet medical prescriptions, want the formula of our filter, for example. It is very gratifying because, generally, these companies have a huge development team and we do it in the interior of São Paulo, in few people. That’s priceless! “They proudly say.