In the post-pandemic period, trends considered as the “new normal” bring innovations and opportunities in new formats, textures and sensory in the makeup category. We have seen a rapid change in consumption habits and the profile of a new consumer, looking for more comfortable products.

The extent of impacts on people’s routine due to the use of face masks for individual protection is still uncertain. For this reason, there is a concern by companies to bring a new approach to textures that facilitate adherence to daily care.

“It is essential that companies constantly innovate and bring proposals for new looks thinking about the well-being and good appearance of the consumer inside or outside the home, with or without a mask. Connecting the consumer and changing behavior will be the big differential, ”says Mônica Batistela, Development & Technical Marketing Manager for the Personal Care and Home Care markets, quantiQ (GTM Chemicals).

Bruna Ortega, beauty specialist at WGSN, a worldwide trend portal, for several verticals, including beauty, pointed out in her live on Instagram of in-cosmetics Latin America, which will take place in September (16-17),  and will give a WFSG lecture on trends: “ We know that wearing masks will directly impact the way people wear makeup. So, the first trend we point to is the focus on the eyes. We will see many brands investing in eye shadow palettes, eye mascaras, so that this part of the face stands out. ”

New non-transfer technologies

Bruna also highlighted an opportunity for companies: products that do not transfer with the use of masks. “We know that if we use a foundation today and use a mask, it will probably transfer on the mask or we will have a mark on the face. So the idea is that we work not only with bases and concealers, but also with lipsticks that bring this non-transfer technology to the mask fabric. We also see a tendency for products to be used after makeup, such as fixation sprays or glosses that fix lipstick, because  at some point we take off the mask at home. So it is important that this is taken into account ”, says the WGSN specialist.

Monica Batistela. based on a report by the market intelligence agency Mintel, believes in the evolution of the demand for eye products: “The beauty industry can expect the micro-categories of colorful cosmetics such as eyeshadow, eyeliner, mask and concealer to gradually rise in this period as consumers continue with the habit of use protective masks. ”


Natureza e tranquilidade como tendências globais

Colors should change in the post-quarantine. The trend, as Bruna Ortega points out, is for a calmer, more balanced palette. “We talk about the use of colors that show a growing interest in minerals and nature, as people who have been at home for a long time have a greater interest in nature. But more than that, they seek colors that relax, that bring this feeling of non-anxiety, as if it were a counterpoint to all that we are experiencing. So these movements are going to directly influence colors and textures. ”

She cites Pink Clay, a dirtier pink, a shade of pink clay that will influence not only the issue of colors, but also the textures. “In addition to this color, we also see a mint green, which also brings this feeling of tranquility.”

Pinkclay                                                                                                                                            Pink Clay  

However, Bruna highlights a counterpart in the report presented: the bright red expressing the search for pleasure and hedonism. “This palette tends to have these two mentalities: the pure milky white and in contrast this super bright red, which will appear in lipsticks, with this characteristic, already mentioned, of not transferring. So the bright red brings this idea of pleasure, of hedonism, of showing what was held back at home. Later on, the moment that we are living in a more natural beauty, there will be this counterpart as well. ”

Practicality and technologies will play an important role, with lighter finishes and textures meeting emerging needs. “New claims for long-lasting, waterproof and transfer products (matte and matte textures) will be highlighted in this new scenario,” says Batistela.


Inspiration for video clips, Lady Gaga and the Glow Up series

Suzana Galante professional makeup artist from the salon Eron Araujo believes that we are entering a new era, which should reflect a reformulation of style and that will include makeup. From her point of view, very close to customers, style and boldness should appear.

“With the use of masks, the focus will be on the eyes. I believe that we will leave the lips a little aside. We spent so long without social contact, that when makeup lovers will resume, abuse will be the keynote. I notice that there are new techniques and trends being launched. For example: the eyeliner technique, in the new Lady Gaga clips and also the techniques of the Glow Up series, which we watch while staying at home. So the point is: we will want to put the most expressive makeup into practice, showing the free side of people. Neons, different colors, more eccentric techniques. I believe that eye makeup will be a way to express, without the fear of using and abusing, says Galante. ”Gaga 2

 Lady Gaga

Another point of view is the home office: “The trend for Make-up Point, a Korean term that includes eye makeup, lips and cheek products, will be the new normal. The brands focus should consider new makeup looks, such as, “video conference appearance” or “professional appearance to stay at home,” points out quantiQ’s Development Manager.

The natural, healthy and balanced appeal after seclusion and the absence of makeup should be the ‘new normal’ at a first moment. But it is very likely that it will give way to experimentalism, in the search for a new expression, which considers the countless films, series and videos watched in this period of quarantine. They served not only to entertain us but also to inspire new styles in a new world seen mainly through screens.