The deep knowledge of the macroenvironment and of the business is based on the exercise of strategic thinking to support organizational values, beliefs, principles or management philosophy.

A process for Thomas H. Davenport,  American specialist in information systems, specifically the management of information technology, would be a specific ordering of work activities across time and space, with a beginning, an end, inputs and outputs clearly identified, at last  a structure for action.

“Process is the company. If she has a defined process and its control and constant adjustment, it is possible to guarantee quality and product cost, “says engineer and independent consultant Roberto Carvallo.

When we talk about smaller companies and they are the focus of this cosmeticos br discussion, the processes are essential for there to be constancy in the operations and controls, leading to necessary changes, consequences of the own process and of the growth of these companies.

In general lines, for the cosmetic companies the process has the following steps: specification, purchase and control of raw materials, storage, transformation (production) and dispatch. The problem is that not always the small and midsize companies comply with those steps. “Because of the large degree of flexibility to cater to the market, smaller companies mistakenly puts the implantation of the processes in second plan, which causes high costs, low quality and low-productivity,” explains the engineer and consultant.

BCC – Boston Consulting Group, consulting American group for entrepreneurial planning   indicates traditional points to creation of a goal: Verb, Indicator, the current situation with the Indicator,  the target itself and the plan of action.

. Verb is the action that one wants to accomplish (increase or decrease the production staff, stock, etc.).
. Indicator is a variant that each company uses to measure its performance or efficiency.
. Current Situation is the measurement of the indicator in today situation.
. Goal is the value that the Indicator should achieve.
. Plan is the set of actions to be taken to achieve this goal.

“For the goal be accomplished, there must be a process that ensures the indicator and the repeatability of measurements, since a good indicator should be a controlled stage of this process,” says Carvallo.

For smaller businesses, a big help in keeping the process is the informatic system that should represent the company’s operating procedure on the computer. This requires that operations be constant and controlled between the input and output (process). Improvements must be continuous until the process is optimized to the maximum.

ISO certifications are for companies processes. They ensure that companies have a specific process, which can lead to quality and product warranty. Many of them work with these certifications to ensure that their products are identical, independent of people and machines.

However these processes should be part of business management. “The new vision by processes must start in the strategic planning, create the new indicators by processes, change the management rituals,” said Edson Vaz Musa, Vice Chairman of FNQ Trustees board (National Foundation of Quality), Chairman of Board Caloi Norte SA and Chairman of People and Management System of Natura in a lecture on the subject held in FNQ in 2006. “Keep in mind that the transition from one activity to another within a process is extremely important to the performance of the process, as in the 4 X 100 relay, in athletics,” he explains.

The companies used to invest their resources in restructuring annually to remain flexible and innovative in turbulent and competitive environments.The entrepreneurial area has shown an increasing interest in relation to organizational change and are developing and perfecting approaches and methodologies for the strategic realignment between their structure, objectives, processes.

“This way the companies no more restructure themselves sharply, but they change constantly,” says Roberto Carvallo, adding that this is the philosophy of the process, which is to renew itself and adapt all the time.