Do social networks actually bring any benefit to people – and businesses?

New research by Mintel on attitudes and habits regarding social media use has revealed that many consumers are choosing to abandon some of them, with more than one in five (22%) Brazilians saying they have deleted a social network account in the last 12 months (in relation to April 2018).

The result is surprising, but not so much, since the networks have been causing some discomfort in recent times, thanks to the lack of time of people, who end up spending more hours than they want online. TV or newspaper reports regularly point to these and other facts, as the cell phone harms people’s posture, causing damage to the spine. However, they also add value to the exchange of personal and social information, as well as help inform. Three out of five (65%) Brazilians use social networks as their main source of information and seven in ten (73%) say they like to follow news and articles on those networks.

“One of the chances of excluding accounts is that people are trying to spend more time disconnected.” Consumers are beginning to realize that overuse of cell phones can become an addiction and be detrimental to health, says Ana Paula Gilsogamo, specialist in Consumer Research, Mintel.

Mintel survey points out that almost seven in ten (68%) Brazilians agree that content posted or shared by friends and family is the most appealing. Well fewer consumers (38%) say branded content is what they are most interested in tracking.
However, content created by Internet personalities, such as youtubers and influencers, is attractive to a third (34%) of Brazilians, slightly above the 30% who mentioned interest in celebrity content.

“It is clear that the information transmitted from person to person is what attracts those who use social media, which is in contrast to recent strategies and activations adopted by some brands and industry leaders in prioritizing personal content. Thus, brands can stimulate users to produce their own content on the social networks of which their brands are a part. A good way to do this is to invite ordinary users to give their opinion about products, to elaborate products according to the opinion of consumers and also to stimulate their participation in brand campaigns, by promoting unique and special experiences, “explains Ana Paula.

Another tip is that three in ten (29%) of those interested in content created by celebrities on the internet often share content for rewards (eg discounts / promotions) compared to 17% of general users who do the same.

“To further encourage this audience to share content in return for rewards, an opportunity for brands is to partner with channels and profiles of internet personalities and youtubers to run promotions.

As one can see, companies need to follow social networks as a changeable marketing tool. They can act as a facilitator in the dissemination of ideas and products, as long as they offer rewards and stimuli, or weary consumers. Considering them, provoking and listening to their opinions is to meet the basic premise of the market that the customer is always right.