The Brazilian beauty market lives the boom of the nail polishes. The segment grew 30% in 2010 and industry keeps featuring news.

To understand how  men and women think in Brazil about the care of hands and feet, the TNS Institute and Mundial Impala, company leader in manicure, conducted an unprecedented survey with 600 respondents in the A,B and C classes in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Salvador, Curitiba and Porto Alegre. The results are interesting and show that there is a strong upward trend for this market in the country.

The survey reveals that 56% of Brazilian women do their nails every week. Among men, 35% of men claim to do your nails at least every 15 days. 38% of women go to the manicure and 21% of men also. In relation to foot care the research  showed that Brazilian men have a certain concern with the feet: 20% of men use moisturizers in the region at least once a day, 28% say sanding soles and 14% exfoliate the feet.


Regarding the nail polishes 80% of Brazilian enamel their nails at least once a week, among them 14% say enameling twice a week. Two days is the maximum that Brazilian women can be without nail enamel. Among younger consumers (16-19 years), 29% enamel the nails twice a week, 40% of them match the color of the nail polishes with the clothes they are using and 25% prefer the innovative colors like blue, green or yellow.

The humor is pointed as a determining factor when choosing the color of the enamel for 52% of respondents. Eighty-two percent of women do not care about the male opinion at the time of choice, however the year seasons affects 44% of women. The shades of red, black, brown and gray  are more chosen in winter by 77% of respondents.

The pastels shades are considered chic for 50% of Brazilian women, 27% believe the trendy colors (blue, green), humorous; 55% think the reds and appealing plum and 25% considered witty and unusual tones such as yellow and fluoride.

Situations and choices                          

When it comes to the first meeting, 48% prefer pastel shades, while 49% prefer the red. For dating, 63% of women prefer the red shades. As for knowing the mother-in-law, 68% of women prefer pastels. In the job interview, 95% chose the pastel shades. The preferences change when it’s time to have fun. The reds are chosen by 45% of those who will go out at night, 47% also prefer red shades for formal celebrations such as marriages and 10% of the Brazilian women use red in the feet when they want to seduce.

Men´s opinion

Sixty-seven percent of men take notice of women’s hands and feet. For 46% of them is very important that the nails are enamelled. Regarding color, 41% of them think the pastel shades are dull or are indifferent to the choice, but twenty percent of them think that fashion shades are daring, like blue and green and 35% consider the red attractive.

For 55% of men, pastel shades are the women choice of natural beauty. Women wear fashionable colors like blue and green at irreverent moments to 30% of respondents. For 64% of men, red is sexy and 38% believe that the yellow and fluoride shades combine more in the Carnival. For the feet, 44% like the soft colors, but 26% think the reds and dark colors are generally attractive. Only 8% of men interviewed do not like the painted toenails.


Ninety-two percent of respondents – men and women claim to have their own pliers and 30% of them take their own pliers to the manicures. Seventy percent know how the pliers are cleaned, but 29% still rely on inefficient methods of sterilization as 70% alcohol and acetone. And 33% still do not know that the not correct cleaning in contact with blood can transmit diseases such as AIDS, for example.