Attentive to the Brazilian market, Revlon, the seventh make-up brand in the world repositions itself and starts a tour de force in the country in order to get a bigger share of what is the fourth largest makeup market in the world, with potential growth that has attracted Large retailers and dozens of new businesses in recent years.

“We needed to move, bring this more consistent and aggressive movement to compete in this market,” says Maurício Ferro marketing manager for Revlon in Brazil.

The American brand founded in 1932 by Charles Revson and his brother Joseph, in addition to chemist Charles Lachman, who contributed the “L” in the name Revlon, today is a global cosmetics company with a presence in more than 100 countries on 6 continents.

In Brazil since 1989 the brand has always sold well, especially make-up and nail products. In recent years, with women more integrated into the job market, makeup has gained strength. But Revlon, being an imported brand, dollarized, ended up losing ground with the exchange rate variations of the last two years. From R $ 1.60, the dollar rose to R $ 3.2, reaching R $ 4. The pressure of the exchange forced it to increase its prices. Mastige brand, whose prices should be in the range of $ 25 to $ 45, it became Prestige, Premium, which has prices around $ 89.00 and the brand has fallen. “She lost her position. Revlon is not a Premium brand, it is a Mastige brand, accessible. It has sophistication and quality, but it should not be unattainable, “evaluates Ferro.

Besides the pressure of the exchange, the brand felt the competition of the new and many brands of makeup that are appearing in the Brazilian market. Company study revealed that in 2010 there were 8 makeup brands in shopping malls. Today the number more than doubled, reaching 20 different brands in most of the country’s malls.

“It is quite a lot. We had not that clarity, “admits Revlon’s marketing manager in Brazil, Maurício Ferro. “If we get inside, in, for example, one of the Sephora stores in Brazil, there are 6 or 7 different brands in The Beauty Box stores (Boticário Group), 3 or different brands, or, if we change to retail channels, in pharmacies Raia Drogasil , for example, where previously there was only found Revlon and Maybeline, today there are 6 or 7 brands. And still, walking in the malls, it is quite common for you to come across a makeup kiosk. Brazilian market is increasingly competitive, “says Ferro.



Considering the new context of this market, the company has designed a project to reposition itself. To begin with, it has completely repaginated its displays and digital communication and lowered the prices of some products of greater use by the consumer. The project is expected to remain consistent for the next two years, with a greater offer of portfolio of products including.

“Today the consumer spends a lot more with makeup, it represents 10% of everything that the woman spends in beauty, because she is learning how to makeup herself and is trying more products. She would not buy an eyeliner for $ 79.00, mainly because she would look aside and see a good brand as well, but more affordable. So she was looking at Revlon products like “it is not for me any more.” With price repositioning the brand is not the cheapest but now it is not that expensive. It offers quality products at an affordable price, “says Ferro.

To show this change, the brand, which is sophisticated and international, launched last week a whole line of basic makeup products, at competitive prices. A branded lipstick that cost R$ 44.90 before, now costs R$ 29.90. The liquid base, with pump applicator and an even higher protection factor, now costsR$ 39.90. A concealer that is the gateway of skincare products for makeup, R$ 39.90 and the indefectible mask for the eyelashes, R$ 39.90. They are already strategically placed on new displays being laid out in pharmacies and cosmetics stores in shopping malls.

Revlon’s director for Latin America, Raffaele Quinto, came especially to Brazil for the launch and communication of change of position of the brand in the country, in partnership with Revlon international, for the implementation of this new model.


To boost sales, Revlon also brings a new way of communicating, based on the power of self-love, that the brand stands out as a transformative force that makes women seek what they want.

“In a world where we are more and more evaluated and where everything is shared on social networks, if the woman is more self-assured, those things will have less weight and they will be less concerned about the evaluation of others, explains the marketing manager of brand.


According to Ferro, the activations at the selling points will be very strong and should change the image of Revlon as fast as possible, so that the brand looks sophisticated, but more accessible. “In the PDVs happen the conversions of brands, mainly in channels like the one of pharmacy, that still is not destination for makeup, because pharmacy is still convenience. The woman buys a lipstick at a mall and restores it if she is in the pharmacy buying other items. ”

In addition to changing the displays of stores and pharmacies, Ferro says the brand considers the island display, with furniture. An example of this, he reveals, is in the Riachuelo chain of stores that included a makeup project in its stores. “We will have in a short time a specialist in makeup going through 200 stores in Brazil,” he says. The expectation of impact is about 200 thousand people in 40 days. “The brand is changing a lot and it is in this active channel that we will have a direct communication with the consumers, trying to know what they expect from a brand of makeup, what are the products that they want. ”

Company will also pay special attention to digital channels.  “We know this is a very important channel for makeup, especially when you launch a new product tutorial. So Revlon starts to have consistent communication and not more punctual like it had before, “he points out.

For women who are still starting on the art of makeup, Mauricio Ferro says that the brand uses Instagram to inspire and Facebook to teach.

Determined to resume its market space, Revlon should in the next two years bring trends in new products. An example of this is the liquid and light base, what in the make-up of Brazilian woman , bothered by heat and humidity makes sense.

“There is room for makeup, for portffolio expansion of the portfolio, because the Brazilian consumer today buys more than a lipstick. She buys 2,3, 4 shades of lipsticks. So it is necessary to have a consistent portfolio of tonalities, it is also necessary to move the category of eyes, and the one of eyebrows. There is an eyebrow shop in every mall, so you need to take good care of the category. We are going to bring portfolio opportunities this year and next year also to co “There is room for makeup, for the portfolio expansion of the, because the Brazilian consumer today buys more than a lipstick. She buys 2,3, 4 shades of lipsticks. So it is necessary to have a consistent portfolio of tonalities, it is also necessary to move the category of eyes, and the one of eyebrows.There is an eyebrow shop in every mall, so you need to take good care of the category. Our portfolio of makeup in the country,  he promises. “.