This year there are, not just new sunscreens with new technologies, such as new applications in products. Most of the new products bring protection to visible light, are invisible on the skin, leave no trace whitish and bring anti-pollution actives, among other benefits. The range of benefits was perceived and inserted by companies in new and innovative products, largely corresponding to market research showing the level of professionalism of the industries. It is one of the richest years in sun protection in terms of new technologies and product diversity. Consumers respond to the efforts by using sunscreen on makeup and adhering to sun protection in the daily routine, and the market grows.

According to Euromonitor, global market research agency, facial protection continues to be one of the main drivers of this growth in Brazil. These products have been growing as consumer awareness, driven by dermatologists, is widely disseminated by the media and the manufacturing companies themselves. There have been many launches this year, see below under Products / Companies.

Concerns about sun exposure in the country come from the fact that Brazilians like to get tan and also by the fact that the beach is a common holiday destination for many locals. In addition, effects related to overexposure to the sun are immediate, such as redness, irritation and dryness. The intense communication about the negative effects of high sun exposure also contributed to raising awareness among Brazilians. And although it is not yet part of the routine of most Brazilians, the daily sun protection has been gaining space in the bathroom shelves.

The first commercial sunscreens on the market were very different from those available today. They were greasy, sticky, not water resistant and withdraw the male audience from sunbathing. The sun protection industry has evolved greatly, both in the level and type of protection and in the aesthetic properties of products, driven by consumer needs and technological advances, such as new packaging technologies, new ingredients and delivery systems.

“As more and more local consumers incorporate sun protection into their daily routines, sales are expected to continue to grow strongly,” evaluates Euromonitor, who points to better performance of formulas designed to meet local needs in place of more generalized products.

The agency points out that in 2017 the volume of retail in Brazil was 12,497.6 liters, with projection for 2022 of 13,684.3 liters, a growth of 9.5%, corresponding to 19.5% in Reais (R $ 3,928, 7 million), making Brazil the second largest consumer country in the global ranking of the largest consumers of sun protection, considering sales revenues (in USD) in 2017, losing only to the US market and ahead of China, Korea South and Japan.

The sunscreen market has been driven by consumer needs and technological advances. Sunscreen formulations have gone beyond skin cancer and the prevention of sunburn for products that also protect against air pollution and visible light and delay the aging of the skin. In addition, UV protection is now an essential function in all beauty categories. Protection is at the heart of consumer preferences and this will bring opportunities for various sun protection ingredients for years to come.

Products and Brands:

Natura has added sun protection to its Chronos line by bringing the Protetor Clareador FPS 70 Chronos Claro Médio, which uniformizes skin tone, protects against UVB and UVA rays, lightens darkened areas and prevents the appearance of new ones. The texture allows for quick absorption, dry touch and natural coverage, does not leave oily skin. It contains 0.35% aroeira concentrate, active of the Brazilian biodiversity obtained through the extraction of leaves, which acts in the first stage of melanin, regulating its production and reducing the formation of darkened areas. (: 50ml – R $ 89.00)

The company also offers other products in its line, such as Gel Creme Protetor Facial SPF 60/ PFUVA 20 Pele Mista a Oleosa Fotoequilíbrio (50 g – R$56,80), for mix and oily skins; and the Loção Protetora Esporte PFS 60/ PFUVA 20, specially developed to protect the skin before starting the physical exercises. Its light, non-greasy texture provides rapid absorption and can be spread easily. It is water and sweat resistant for up to 6 hours and contains no fragrance. (120ml, R $ 65.30).
Company’s sun protection portfolio also includes the Fluído Protetor Spray Contínuo SPF 30/ PFUVA 10, a continuous spray protection fluid that provides high performance. It contains 30 times more protection against sunburn (SPF) and 10 times more protection against solar aging (UVA). Its fluid formulation contains antioxidant, vitamin E and cocoa extract, which allows prolonged hydration to the skin. The non-oily texture allows for quick absorption and longer lasting on the skin. (150ml, R $ 67.60)


Adcos, a Brazilian dermatological brand, has developed Fluid Shield Protection SPF 70, a sunscreen with Vitamin C to protect the skin from sun damage and pollution. Developed especially for Brazilian skin, it has dry and clean touch and is suitable for all skin types. (50ml R $ 113.00 colorless and R $ 118,00 with skin tone). From the same brand, the Protetor Solar Stick SPF 70 Incolor, offers high sun protection with dry touch, colorless, it leaves no white residue, its practical packaging allows the carrying and application whenever necessary. It is suitable for all skin types and, for those who practice outdoor sports, it has excellent resistance to water and sweat, the company guarantees. (12g R $ 124.00)

The brand also offers the Fluid Maximum Protection Sunscreen SPF 99 (50ml R $ 123.00) for sun-sensitive skins that need high UVA and UVB protection. It is indicated for people who need special care (sensitive to sun exposure or who have ever had some form of skin cancer). The product contains Hyaluronic Acid of low molecular weight in its composition and a potent anti-aging active.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay brings three products for the Brazilian summer in special edition: Protetor Solar SPF50, the after sun gel Gel Restaurador Pós Sol and the body self tanning lotion  Loção Corporal Autobronzeadora. The SPF50 Solar Protector offers a high level of protection against UVA / UVB rays. It has light texture and fast absorption, despite the creamy, waterproof formula. It is resistant to sweat for up to 80 minutes and can be used on both body and face. Leaves skin soft and moisturized. Indicated for all skin types, it is enriched with antioxidant vitamins (R $ 69,90). And the Pos Sol Restorative Gel with its gel texture is light and fast absorbed, leaving the skin feeling soft and refreshing. Contains botanical extracts that soothe and restore hydration of the skin after exposure to the sun’s rays. (R $ 54,90) The bet of the company is the Self-Tanning Body Lotion , practice for the daily or night routine of skin care. The lightweight, oil-free formula tans and moisturize at the same time, providing natural, even color in just one week of use. It can be used on both the face and body for a perfect tan without exposing oneself to sun damage. (R $ 54.90)

FQM Melora features launches of the Heliocare SPF 50 / FPS 90 and Color Nude Light SPF50 / Nude Bronze FPS 50 line – now in the versions adapted to Brazilian skin, with light texture and dry touch.

Heliocare Max Defense SPF 50, oferece Fotoproteção (raios UVA e UVB, infravermelho e luz visível) para todos os tipos de pele. Contém filtros físicos e químicos e Fernblock® XP (Extrato de Polypodium leucatomos). (R$69,90) Heliocare Max Defense SPF90 promove Fotoproteção aos raios UVA e UVB, infravermelho e luz visível . Contém Fernblock® XP e filtros físicos e químicos. É indicado para todos os tipos de pele. (R$79,90). E Heliocare Max Defense Nude Light E Nude Bronze, que é uma Fotoproteção (raios UVA e UVB, infravermelho e luz visível) com cor de base para uniformização da pele.Contém Fernblock® XP (Extrato de Polypodium leucatomos), óxido de ferro e pantenol. (R$79,90)

Shiseido introduces its new suncare launches, with innovative products, such as fresh, lip gloss moisturizer with translucent color and UV protection, with a glossy finish and 3 colors (orange, pink and turquoise). R $ 189.
The new Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50+ is a face and body sunscreen, with a transparent formula, with no physical white sunscreen agents. It has an innovative fragrance that takes care of the unpleasant odors of sweat, turning it into a pleasant aroma and the WetForce ™ Technology that, in contact with water and perspiration, reinforces the protection veil of the skin. (R $ 199)
Shiseido Wetforce Clear Stick UV Protective is a transparent finish sunscreen that does not dirty the  hands and has SPF50. Can be used over makeup. It also includes WetForce ™ Technology, functional fragrance, and SuperVeil-UV 360 ™ Technology, which protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays and helps reduce the appearance of photo-aging. Its skincare ingredients help prevent skin damage, such as the formation of wrinkles and blemishes. (R $ 199.00)

“The suncare market has evolved a lot in recent times, and Shiseido continues to surprise us with incredible textures and innovative technologies, understanding the needs of the market,” says Fernanda Farias, Shiseido’s Beauty Expert. For this summer season, she says the company is bringing in new versions of WetForce protectors, a technology that strengthens the veil of sun protection when it comes in contact with water or perspiration. “The new formula even helps reduce the signs of photoaging, with the exclusive Profense CELTM technology, which keeps the skin hydrated and smooth,” she says.

O Boticário brings the news Cuide-se Bem SPF 50 Facial Solar Protector, light texture with fast absorption. Protects with dry texture. (50g – $ 48.90). Cuide-Se Bem Protetor Solar Corporal SPF 30, also of a light texture that does not leave the skin sticky. (120ml – R $ 44,90); Cuide-Se Bem Protetor Solar Óleo De Canela SPF15  guarantees tanning with ever greater protection. Its formula is lightweight and does not leave your skin feeling that sticky. With UVA / UVB protection, the product also has photo-stable filters that maintain the level of protection during all the time you are exposed to the sun. The fragrance is cinnamon! (120ml – R $ 44,90) Cuide-Se Bem Protetor Solar Corporal SPF15 protects while leaving the skin tanned with SPF 15. (120ml – R $ 41,90).
The line also comes with a tasty novelty: Cuide-se Bem Hidratante Labial – Morango e Leite/ Leite e Mel/ Caramelito – wih flavor of Strawberry and Milk / Milk and Honey / Caramel. The moisturizing lip offers the care for the skin of the mouth, more sensitive and delicate, Moisturizes for up to 8 hours. It is formulated with 10% shea butter, an ingredient with highly moisturizing properties, and vitamin E, which promotes antioxidant action for the lips. In addition, the balm still leaves the lips protected from external aggressions like wind, sun and cold, with its SPF 15. All packaging are made with vegetal plastic, derived from sugar cane. I.e., every kilo of plastic used in the manufacturing of packaging, avoids the emission of 4 kg of greenhouse gases.

Australian Gold brings to the country the Protetor Solar SPF50 with protection against UVA / UVB rays. In addition to the moisturizing and antioxidant formula rich in vegetable oils and made up of Australian natural assets such as the kakadu plum – fruit with the highest vitamin C content in the world, the product is free of oxybenzone and octinoxate, components harmful to coral reefs. still, free of parabens, PABA, dye and alcohol. Spray Gel with Instant Bronzer is available in Brazil in versions 237ml (R $ 69,90) and 125ml (R $ 49,90).

L’Orèal developed Anthelios Airlicium FPS 70 which was created exclusively for the Brazilian market, with anti-glare and anti-glare effectiveness and a filter system that has the exclusive Mexoryl XL and SX technology, with ample protection against UVA rays, preventing premature aging. In addition, it has La Roche-Posay Thermal Water, recognized for its properties against free radicals. The product also offers a powerful combination of active ingredients: Silica: responsible for forming a soft protective film on the skin; Octocrilene: filter that acts as a blocker of UVA and UVB rays and improves the resistance of the product to water and Propylene Glycol: emollient agent that adds softness and silkyness. The release is hypoallergenic and consists of an association of technologies, [XL] Protect, Airlicium and PLA, for increased strength of the protective film. It is also an oil free sunscreen, with water-resistant formula and fast absorption. (R $ 84.90)

From the same brand Idéal Soleil Clarify FPS 60 sunscreen that protects against damage caused by visible light, brightens the sun spots and even uniforms and matifies the skin, in a 4 in 1 formula. (R $ 84, 90). And, the biggest news, Anthelios Color Dose, from La Roche-Posay, also developed especially for the Brazilian market. It is a concentrated mineral pigment with Vitamin E + antioxidant, It offers protection, texture (adapted to the type of skin) and color. The application is simple, just mix 2 to 4 drops of the pigment to the sunscreen (any of the Anthelios line), in six different shades to meet the diversity of Brazilian skin tones (R $ 49.90 each).

Brenntag offers an alternative to UV sunscreens with Vegelight TiO2, a physical sunscreen that can be applied in photoprotective formulations and physical photoprotectors. Vegelight TiO2 consists of a dispersion of titanium dioxide in Vegelight, a line of volatile alkanes from the coconut, which are a green / natural alternative to volatile silicones. The dispersion consists of 60% TiO 2 and 40% Vegelight 1214 LC.

The companies face difficulties in the process to disperse the titanium dioxide during the production, implying in lost of time and costs with labor. Vegelight TiO2 proposal is that company only incorporate the product in the process without the need of loss of these resources, thus optimizing its process. The product brings the benefits of titanium dioxide UV protection, combined to the benefits of dry touch, softness and lightness of the Vegelight 1214 LC. Bringing protection, softness and smoothness the formulations protecting the UV rays.


The global market research agency Mintel, based in London, points out some opportunities for this market, according to the Mintel Tanning and Sun Protector – Brazil Report of December 2016. Among them are the Anti-Pollution Benefit, which can be exploited in spray-type protectors. For 55% of Brazilians they are quick to apply and 35% would be interested in the anti-pollution benefit and 24% of body sunscreen spray. Despite this, products in the spray format have not yet been strengthened in Brazil.

Garnier2Garnier Ambre Solaire Advanced Sensitive Spray Protect Viso IP 50 protects against UVA and UVB rays, non-oily and anti-pollution formula, with vitamin E and glycerin

Another opportunity pointed out by Mintel is Makeup with SPF waterproof. According to the agency’s survey, 71% of women between the ages of 35 and 54 and 80% of women aged 55 or over use this type of product, 60% of young women between the ages of 16 and 34 say the same. As well as positioning make-up products that have SPF as being water-resistant, for pool and beach use, according to the agency, it can boost use among these younger women.

With so varied application options and increasingly specific technologies, the growth trend of the sun protection market in Brazil is very promising, especially considering the variation of climate, humidity and ethnicities of the country, as well as the personal taste of each consumer. Like this, creativity is the limit..