Inauguration of Symrise in Ecopark in Para:
                 Sustainability, Innovation and Community are the focus of the company

One day after sanctioned by president Dilma Rousseff the Marco da Biodiversity (the milestone of biodiversity), which reduces bureaucracy and encourages research and innovation with native species of the country for national companies, such as Natura has made to its Natura Ekos line, Symrise, global company based in Germany, opened on Thursday, the 21st, a unit of research, development and production of sustainable ingredients based on resources of the Amazon region. The new facility is located within the Ecopark, sustainable industrial condominium of 172.9 hectares, launched by Natura in March 2014 with the opening of its soap plant on site.

Ecopark is located in the municipality of Benevides, 35 km from Belém, at the Industrial and Commercial Expansion Zone and is inspired by the concept of symbiosis, to create an integrated and sustainable production chain where inputs produced or disposed of by a company can be used production in another. It should attract companies from various sectors, and promote environment conducive to innovation and science. It will also benefit local communities and the region’s development. Symrise was the first after the Natura, to settle in the complex and will start to provide oils and butters processed for the company.

“From the first moment in which Natura introduced in this project, we were truly impressed and inspired by its vision and with creating a sustainable business.” Said Achim Daub, Global President of Scent & Care at Symrise at the opening of the unit.

Since October last year the global company maintains similar project in Madagascar, East African island, responsible for 80% of world production of vanilla. There every step of the vanilla processing is made locally with the help of 700 farmers / local farmers for sustainable harvesting of the fruit. The same should happen with the 30 families who will supply the new unit of Symrise in Brazil. “This unit will benefit both sides, either consumers of beauty and local communities, contributing to the quality of life of these people,” said President of Scent & Care at Symrise, which offered the community a boat-ambulance for eventual work accidents, one day before the inauguration. “We want to engage ourselves more closely in Natura education project for the community, acting in other ways,” said Daud.

We want to make sure that the community have a return of this enterprise that we are starting. This happens everywhere where the company is installed is very important here in Brazil, so that consumers be assured that we do things well, “said Isabelle Vacheret, SVP of Global Marketing Fragrances. According to her consumers expect transparency in the company’s values. “They want to know from where comes the products, how we contacted the nature in the process. And we have conditions to guarantee to consumers where it comes from these products – from the source to final product. It’s what customers expect of us, “she guaranted.

In the first phase of implementation, the new unit of Symrise will produce oils and butters of Amazonian biodiversity for Natura’s facility in Benevides. At this stage, for example, fruits are processed from the raw material until the analytical part, in the Analytical Laboratory of Microbiology and Sensory, already in operation. By the end of the year, in a second phase,  will be produced for the market in general – national and international – the Botanical extracts of Andiroba, Buriti, Brazil nuts, passion fruit and the Butters of Cupuaçu, Murumuru and Cocoa and at the third stage, from the third quarter of 2016 will be produced Essential Oils for perfumery.

“Symrise wants to work with the Amazon biome and be on Ecopark is to be directly linked to the richest sources of organic raw material for perfumery, close to the farmers and the indigenous production of the Amazon,” said Ricardo Omori Latam President of Symrise fragrances.

In a world in which the technology already allows to the consumer to scan the product label with the cell to see if the product is sustainable, if the company that produces it meets good manufacturing practices, and especially if the company cares about where communities of which they extract their raw materials, companies in general need to invest more and more in more sustainable ways of producing and rewarding. Trendwatching study released today shows that from now on, consumers in Latin America are only are only willing to invest in companies whose products are “proatimente transparent and engaged in an open dialogue.” The study concludes that consumers want the truth on production, distribution, ethics and sustainability of brands.

“Consumers can quickly make a choice, but that’s not our main motivation. What drives us is the understanding that individuals, businesses and society can not continue the way they are doing, because it is not sustainable. We  as  company, want to go beyond the economic motivation, change the way you produce, otherwise these conditions of nature with which we are favored, will be extinguished, “said Achim Daud. “For this we need science and innovation, respecting the tradition and knowledge of local people, an important element of this business,” said President of Scent & Care at Symrise.