Will it really? The new decade seen by trends specialists seems improbable. But they are studies and it is good to considerer them, even that future look perturbative. Anyway, it is an interesting article by Cosmetics Business for you to think about.

The French-American trend research firm Trend Union presents its trend visions for the next decade – all under the motto of eccentricity. In order to enhance our personality and beauty in an unusual way, we are to decorate ourselves with surprise colours and unbelievable patterns. Beauty products will surprise us with new formulas and packaging.

“We are at the threshold of great political and moral changes occurring throughout the planet. We have recognised that creativity for our personal and professional lifestyle is the key to survival. The same is also true, however, for brands and their identity right through to their design. Beauty is being redefined and becoming an expression of our individuality,” the researchers state.


The French-American trend research firm Trend Union was founded in 1989 by Li Edelkoort. It begun in the early eighties as one of the first firms to work in future research: According to Time Magazine, Edelkoort is one of the 25 most influential persons in the fashion branch. The autumn/winter season 2008/09, says Trend Union, has already been dominated by innovative product developments and brand strategies of the beauty industry. The forthcoming autumn/winter season will be even more influenced by these, because special, unusual, or even “off-key“ features are becoming trendy. The age of eccentricity has begun.

This eccentricity will encourage people to become more occupied with themselves,  to discover the deepest secrets of their soul, to literally turn themselves inside out. They will celebrate their hidden personality, bringing their “beauty ritual” to the fore. Eccentricity will prompt us to discover our most crazy fantasies, to define ourselves as a completely different person and will offer us products, which highlight this new personality.

In 2010 we will finally bid farewell to the 20th century and our understanding of beauty standards is set to change drastically. Beauty will be viewed differently – a too high forehead, a baggy hairstyle, a boy-like body, too narrow lips or a dominant nose – all that will no longer be significant. Particularly sporty girls and well-groomed men will catch our attention and intrigue us.

In order to support our beauty in a unusual way, we will mostly decorate ourselves with surprise colours and unbelievable patterns, and beauty products will surprise us with new formulas, packaging and POS displays.
From natural beauty to digital beauties, from sexually characterised to luxury-loving persons, from historical to fantastic personalities – Trend Union presents the new archetypes for beauty looks and products in autumn/winter 2009/10:
A new androgynous archetype

The male ideal of beauty is moving in the direction of a less aggressive and less muscular type, in favour of softer and more romantic looks. Pastel colours and concealed colours stand for a more peaceful future.

The sex bomb

Behind closed doors our body relents to intoxicating fantasies. It experiences extreme sensitivity as a travesty. Daring make-up, erotic products and extravagant beauty rituals are called for outdoors. Seductive and intensive colours, especially red tones, boost our might.

The romantic natural type

Owing to necessary and currently trendy efforts towards sustainability, we are learning how to appreciate natural and serious solutions for beauty products. Rustic lifestyle gives us long-haired beauties and vital milkmaid looks. Green colours represent the link with the environment, combined with natural nuances of dried flowers and foliage.

Ballerina Beauty

This type is very playful and romantic, based on the classic ideal beauty. In a storm of creativity satin, net lace and lace are completely reinterpreted in a sensual, modern way. Luscious, softened tone-in-tone nuances or camaieux-like tones radiate their charm in violet and rosé.