How want women come across? Sexy, alluring, intelligent, successful? Yes. However, in the first place women want appear to be self-confident. The is the result of a representative study of well-known online market research institute ODC, conducted on behalf of hair styling label ghd. 74% of all interviewed women stated, that want appear to be self-confident. A second finding of the study reveals that for a self-confident appearance of women the key is their hair.

Hair styling is more important than clothes or make-up

For a majority of the interviewees the daily styling of their hair ranks first. For 88% styling of the hair is almost as much as important as the perfect outfit (92%). However, in case of doubt hair styling is even more important than fashion: is a woman in hurry and must decide between hair styling, choosing her clothes or make up, first of all make up falls victim to the lack of time. When pressed for time around 72% of all interviewed women simply choose a “natural look” without make up. Secondly, accurateness in choosing clothes falls by the wayside. The more “uncoordinated” outfit is acceptable for at least 19%. However, regarding their hair women are not ready to compromise: only 9% would leave their home without an adequate hair styling. In a reverse conclusion, that means that the great majority will – under no circumstances – will do it without hair styling.

“Hair-consciousness” affects overall condition

Why is hair such important for women? Perception of the own hair can have an effect on self-perception. Do women think their hair is attractive this affects their overall well-being. 71% of all interviewees feel attractive from tip to toe on “good-hair-days”; means days at which their hair is in perfect style. In return more than 40% stated they feel poor on “bad-hair-days”.

Leads the knowledge about attractive hair to success?

For self-perception hair is crucial and is able to improve self-confidence. But, does attractive hair leads to success, too? Yes – said 52% of all interviewed women. Every second women said that in the past their look and their hair had contributed to personal achievements or rather opened some doors. In fact the most quoted situation at which perfect hair play a role is a job interview. With 64% and therefore far ahead of all quotes the job interview ranks first and impressively reflects the promising effect that own hair has on women. Does a women gets the job finally appearance of the hair is getting less important. In business only 36% state that a perfect hair styling is a must.