Mintel’s Men’s Attitudes to BPC Brazil 2015 report reveals that a quarter of Brazilian male consumers say they spent more time looking after their facial skin in 2015 than they did in the last half of previous year . Adding to this, 29% of men claim that they are spending more time looking after their hair compared to six months ago and young men aged 16-24 are spending more time removing or shaving body hair.
These revelations were pointed out by Vivienne Rudd, Director of Global Insight, Beauty and Personal Care at Mintel, in a recent lecture at the in-cosmetics Brazil on the male consumer, the new consumer of beauty. On the occasion she highlighted recent innovations in care with male appearance, sharing some examples of products launched in different parts of the world.
The report indicates a different trend taking shape among men in the US and Europe, with consumers showing a will of keeping simple the daily routine. In the US for example, 86% of men prefer it to be as simple as possible. The same goes for around half of German and Spanish men. Segmentation is also another characteristic that is leading this market as the male consumer is on the look-out for specific products targeting particular skin conditions. Over one quarter of Brazilian men are worried about signs of ageing skin, while 22% are worried about oily skin. In the US, concerns are similar as 24% of men say they are worried about skin ageing and 17% about oily skin.

Products that are reacting to these trends:


All-in-one. Japan. Lissage for Men Skin maintenizer: Designed for men in their 30s and 40s, the product combines the functions of lotion and emulsion to prevent roughness and firm the skin for a youthful appearance. Containing aloe vera extract and prune extract, it is available with rich moist and fresh moist variants.


All-in-one. South Korea. Primera Men Organience All-in-One Essence: Said to provide the key functions to improve men’s skin, with anti-ageing, moisturising, energising, softening, soothing and whitening benefits thanks to horse chestnut, tiger nut and licorice


Segmentation and feminine formats. South Korea. Hera Home CC Cream SPF 35 PA ++: Essence CC cream said to care for both outer and inner skin to deliver a naturally healthy complexion, 24 hour sun protection and hydration, while softening rough areas, brightening dull skin tone, reducing sebum production and providing whitening and anti-wrinkle effects