Racco, a direct sale company from Curitiba – Parana, launches this month a campaign whose catch phrase or motto is “sign of wisdom is not having wrinkles neither concern,” focused on the treatment of mature skin. The slogan, along with photos of the campaign draws attention by the lightness of treatment with a problem that bothers such as signs of age, at the same time that it suggests the effectiveness of the product.

Slogans and catch phrases, according to Wikipedia are memorable phrases used in political, religious or business context as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose. Large companies already know their results and invest heavily on the creation of slogans for their brands, product lines or even for one  product.

“The difference between institutional and product will depend on the communication goals. Moreover, there is still a difference between a corporate or product communications , “notes Romana Oliveira, managing partner of the agency MI4 – Intelligence in media, advertiser and post-graduating in  MBA Strategic Communication & Branding  by UMayor (Chile) and University Feevale.

“An institutional slogan should reflect the desired positioning for the brand. Usually it comes out from the planning guidelines,” says Renato Cavalier, creative director for Opus Media, Curitiba agency responsible for communicating the O Boticario. “A campaign can have a ‘claim’, a message reduction of specific or a specific slogan,” he explains. When it happens of a brand changing the sentence that came with your name, in most cases, it is a work of repositioning,  says the publicist.

Racco campaign was developed by the agency Alma do Negocio.Com   with the idea of showing that the consumer product line PriorAge + Cycle d’Racco, has such confidence in the technology contained in the product that have no concern with the signs of aging.

Thus, the campaign shows four ads, with girls of different ethnies, making faces in the mirror, laughing and saying: “To make all  faces and mouthes you want“, “you´re seeing this little wrinkle here? I made “; “Look at my wrinkles of worry  with the wrinkles ” and  “Creased face does not match with mirror, mirror of mine“- catchphrases to disclose the new line, which is the latest novelty of the line Cycles d ‘ Racco, whose innovation is in the activation of aquaporins, which promote a smart hydration and on the union of peptides mimicking growth factor. According to the company, an active complex which regulate skin elasticity and firmness of female and male. “We have developed several possibilities of announces and ethnic groups to show the multiplicity of product application and to that women in general identify themselves  with the campaign,” says Daniel Argolo Racco marketing manager.


“The slogan reflects the company’s positioning at the current moment, in other words, a picture of the factors of image which it determines to transmit to the consumers. This “phrase” changes throughout brand history. It can change at each campaign, but generally it is stable for some time,” says Roman Oliveira, mentioning the example of Coca-Cola, which often changes its slogan ,” however maintaining a unity of aim and characteristics. Its slogan / current positioning is Open the Happiness. But it explores several brand campaigns: The Coke Side of Life, You’re all that Coca-Cola and Live Positively “she mentions.

“The slogan is a statement of the positioning of a brand, it demonstrates its value, reinforces its image before the publics. The slogan, therefore, reflects the essence of the brand. And for this reason, their choice is a complex process, not just by relying on specific techniques, but especially for its production of meaning, “explains the professor doctor. Elizete Kreutz, who specializes in trademarks mutants and chairman of the Brands  Observatory  – International Association of researchers in branding.


In the cosmetic segment, there are already well known and slogans that have changed the positioning of some of the companies over the years, such as NaturaWell Be Well” of the O Boticário, “Believe in Beauty“; of  Avon, “We chat, we understand each other”;  Garnier with (a L’Oreal brand) “Take care” and of own L’Oreal,” Because I Deserve. “

“The difference between institutional and product will depend on the communication goals. Moreover, there is still a the difference between a corporate communications or product, as for example, the Unilever brand, which features corporative institutional campaigns, of brand (by product) campaigns with focus on product sales or other purposes, for public market etc. “Romana Oliveira said .

The campaign, entitled “Caretas” (grimace) after start in USA, where Racco maintains operations, begins to be introduced in Brazil already this month, with a 30 “five print advertisements in versions double page,  single page and one third page, and actions at Internet (Racco.com.br and relationship networks). It will also be disclosed by more than 400 000 Racco consultants via Racco Mania, which includes magazines and catalogs and promotional products, published seasonally.

In defining the slogan, the ideal is to have the participation of the client and the agency, considering issues relating to the brand, to the public and to the techniques, says the professor Elizete. Thus, a slogan fulfills its function when it is able to evoke an immediate memory of the brand by the public, and reaches the climax when it becomes a catchphrase, she says.