Dermacyd – Market leader

The wipes is conquering women for its versatility of applications and by the convenience of being able to be carried in the purse to anywhere. They do not spill,  break or  leak. They are very practical for mothers or women in general to take care of babies, children, for makeup removal or for intimate hygiene at home or, especially, outside of it in parties, rides and trips.

The market for baby products in general, not only baby wipes, but also of hygiene products and body care, represented in 2013 US $ 1.888,6 billion, with growth potential up to 2018 of $ 3.076 billion, according to the agency Euromonitor market intelligence. It is in this the category that the wipes enters in  the market and where their sales are strongest. However, the delicacy of its formulation and tissue, the tissue cleaning over the years started to be used for the intimate feminine hygiene and also it entered the category of makeup products for makeup removal or skin impurities woman, the so called facial wipes.

                     Natura Naturá – new category – quick bath

For Children

With the possibility of being carried in the bag of newborns and  in the bags of women in general, the baby wipes are gaining highlight in the national market, with many releases of various brands. Some with the product in the three categories that it serve.

Eyeing the children’s market for example, Laboratory Expanscience, multinational pharmaceutical based in France, decided to open operations in Brazil for development of Mustela ® brand focused on baby care category. It is the only dermatological brand in the children’s market.

For now, the minute daily hygiene is essential to eliminate impurities and bring comfort to babies’ skin. Among their launches in the country are the baby wipes for the face and body and baby wipes for diaper changes, enriched with Perséose of Avocado ®,  a biomimetic active ingredient  clinically tested, that helps to maintain the level of hydration of the epidermis, preserving the water inside this layer. The natural ingredient also strengthens the skin’s protective barrier.

“Baby wipes cleans gently the delicate skin of the face, eyes and lips baby, and moisturized. The product brings PhysiObébé, cleansing lotion Mustela® Baby, and contains no alcohol in its formulation. Has smooth texture and does not burn the eyes, “says Marina Lima, marketing manager of Mustela in Brazil.

The baby wipes for diaper changes contains yet glycerin, aloe vera extract and Saponaria, which tones, cleanse and moisturize baby’s skin. Both products have delicate fragrance and are ideal for everyday and for travel.
                                      Johnson´s –  A whole line

The American multinational Johnson & Johnson, for 81 years in Brazil, is a market leader in the category.The brand has developed a collection of baby wipes,  with formula and packaging renewed, to facilitate diaper changing, more constant in the daily routine of mothers and babies. The line, which prevents irritations, rashes and moisturizes for up to seven hours, has three versions: Recém-Nascido (newborn), clinically tested and fragrance-free, can be used from the first day of life;  Hora do Sono (hour of sleep), which contains the essence Natural Calm®, an aroma with relaxing properties which provides a better sleep for baby; and Extra Cuidado (extra care) with moisturizing lotion present in its formula.

The launches, according to research by Johnson & Johnson with the consumers, counts with the attributes most valued by them:  softness, rapid absorption and thicker thickness, characteristics that make baby cleaning more efficient . And yet, the exclusive Chega de Lágrimas® technology, to avoid tears. The new formulation comprises 97% water and 3% of cleaning solution.

Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and alcohol-free products also gained a new packaging, which keeps moisture of the wipes, it is more practical to open and close, facilitating the removal of a washcloth at a time. “As a leader in the children’s category, Johnson’s® baby is the brand that drives the market bringing innovations through differentiated products to meet the needs of moms and ensure efficient cleaning without harming the delicate baby skin,” said Fernando Guerra, director of Marketing Johnson’s® baby. The line is available in the regular versions of 48 units and 96 units of economic releases for the suggested price of US $ 4 (48 pcs.) And US $ 7,20 (96 pcs).

                                Pampers,  with aloe and chamomile                  

The umedecidades Pampers (P&G) baby wipes, also called wipes are tissues soaked in a cleaning solution free of alcohol and soap.

The moistened wipes Pampers Sensitive is specially developed to care for baby’s sensitive skin, reestablishing and maintaining a balanced pH. Dermatologically tested and free from alcohol and fragrance, the cleaning wipes have a touch of aloe and chamomile, soothing substances, and a delicate , sturdy and flexible tissue. And Pampers Regular, promotes feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Contains Vitamin E and refreshing aroma to restore the natural balance of baby’s skin.

                         Muriel – action antiseptic moisturizing

Muriel Cosmeticos  also operates in babies segment, with Toalhas Umedecidas (towels moistened) of the line Baby, with touch and gentle fragrance. The formulation includes extracts of Aloe Vera, of regenerative action, antiseptic and moisturizing. Dermatologically tested, the product has packaging with self-adhesive label, which keeps the moist towels for longer and prevents contamination. In addition, each one  is removed. Available with 25 and 50 units, 20cm x 15cm.

In terms of baby wipes, Natura Cosmeticos has developed products for all categories – from baby to makeup, diversifying them across their product lines. Starting with the babies, Natura Mamãe e Bebê Lenços Umedecidos that clean gently removes impurities without irritating baby’s skin and moisturize for up to 8 hours. In packaging with 50 units, is priced at  US$ 7,30. Children a little more grown, for which the brand has developed Natura Naturé line, won  Lenços Umedecidos Banho de Gato for a quickly cleaning in times when bathing is not possible. Mild and with fruity fragrance, the product cleans and moisturizes for up to 8 hours. Packaging is flow-pack, compact and with 25 units. (US$ 3,94)

The line of products Natura Faces of products developed specially for teens, creted  Natura Faces  Lenços Demaquilantes of  removing make-up. Practical, the  facial wipes can be used by all skin types. Available in 5  colorful packaging. (US$ 6,05)

                               Neutrogena and Yves Rocher – new launches

For Make Up

The makeup  facial wipes  are very practical and highly desirable at night, with the fatigue of a party or when sleep comes and the woman  remembers of still not having removed the makeup. During the day, when loaded in the bag, can refresh and remove the smudged makeup by a new one.

Neutrogena (Johnson & Johnson) brings this month to the country Neutrogena®Deep Clean® Lenço Demaquilante  (facial wipes) which removes all makeup, even waterproof. Specially formulated to minimize skin irritation, it is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, hypoallergenic, oilfree and alcohol. The glycerin-based formula, is comprised of surfactants that facilitate the removal of impurities. Available in packages of 7:25 units. (US$ 3,05) and (US $ 8,36), respectively.

The Yves Rocher, French cosmetics brand that worked in Brazil in the 90s and returned late last year to the country has in its portfolio Lenços de Limpeza Facial Demaquilantes 3 Chás,  facial wipes with 3 Teas that remove makeup, even waterproof and cleanse the skin in a quick way, gentle and efficient manner. The soft tissue of the product contain  light and refreshing  formula enriched with three detoxifying teas. (US$ 26,08)

                                            O Boticario´s Make-up  facial wipes

O Boticario has Lenços Demaquilantes Make B ( Makeup  facial wipes) to leave skin clean and waste-free, it removes  including waterproof makeup. It is of quick drying, leaves skin soft and clean. The formula scarf contains no alcohol and is enriched with extracts of Aloe Vera and Chamomile, known for their soothing action. The makeup remover wipe can be applied on the face, neck and eyes. (US $ 12,35)

For Intimate Care

For women in general, Natura has developed a line for intimate care that includes Natura Higeia Lenços Umedecidos Íntimos Suave Conforto (Intimate Wipes Soft Comfort) with humectants and ingredients to provide pleasant freshness and well-being . In floral fragrance, it can be used at any time, including the menstrual period. (US $ 6,64)

“Speaking specifically of intimate wipes, they are an alternative to the common toilet paper option and when the woman is a long time away from home, traveling or menstruating. The indication is to prefer  feminine intimate wipes that are made especially for women’s needs maintaining personal hygiene, “says Denise Calefe, product manager of Dermacyd brand (Sanofi).

Dermacyd, leader of intimate soaps market, developed Dermacyd® Pocket, intimate wipes that maintains intimate region protected, fresh and with a delicate perfume. The product assists in preventing some possible odors and infections. Practical and compact, Dermacyd® Pocket is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and gynecology. Suggested retail price: US$ 3,05.

“The intimate wipes market is still very small, mainly because there are an overlap with the use of baby wipes meant for use in babies and children. Nevertheless, the market for feminine intimate care (soap intimate, intimate wipes, deodorants and intimate among others) have grown much.: 23% in the last two years (Nielsen reference trends) Dermacyd the brand invests in the education of women advising on the correct intimate hygiene and such education has contributed to the growth of this market, “says Denise Calefe the Dermacyd.


Croda has a varied range of emulsifiers for use in formulations of wipes for babies, makeup removers, facial cleanliness and personal hygiene and also emollients, ideal for these applications.

 Crodamol ™ IPIS (INCI: Isopropyl Isostearate) is a functional emollient with hydrating action and proven action of impurities  remover. It is extremely gentle for all skin types, babies and eye area. “Tests under unique methodology developed by Croda are available in different formulations to work in association with this emollient, we present the Versaflex™ V-150 (INCI: Steareth-100 (and) Steareth-2 (and) Mannan (and) Xanthan Gum) a cold processable biopolymer and exclusive anti-drip system  that acts quickly releasing the oil phase of the emulsion, so as emollients Crodamol IPIS can make cleaning faster and more effectively. It creates a light texture and formulation soft that spreads easily on the skin and leaves no oily residue. Croda believes that this is a category that meets many needs of the consumer as practicality, creativity and smoothness in cosmetic formulations, “says Renata Sofredini, Marketing Manager skin Care Croda Latin America.

Cosmotec presents its  Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba (Floratech / Cosmotec), a hydrolyzed jojoba ester, which can be used in wipes to promote hydration, and improved sensorial softness to the skin. When associated with glycerin, Floraesters® K-20W Jojoba provides hydration booster. Can also be applied in hygienic wipes for babies, by reducing redness and irritation.

“When compared to developed countries, the size of the wipes market is still relatively small in Brazil.’s A niche market that is developing rapidly and will continue to grow at a higher than market rates, in both size and innovation,” Renata believes Oki, marketing manager for personal care BASF for South America, which has several products to atend the market.

“Today one can find simpler wipes that contain only some moisturizing agents, but others  go a little further and besides bringing vitamins, antibacterial, moisturizing and emollient for active and milder surfactants (for sensitive skin in intimate hygiene applications or babies ). The migration claim of skin treatment, for example, the market should further sophisticate the category with products that deliver beyond the basics and also contains anti-aging treatment or sensitive skin, “says Renata.