Klabin, Brazilian paper producer and exporter, trades waved paper cards with Forest Stewardship CouncilFSC seal in the country.

the partnership between Klabin and Natura, both member companies of – Quality National Foundation – FNQ, all the company’s cosmetics transport packaging will have FSC seal. This means that all the waved paper card production chain, since Forest handling, passing through paper production, has occurred in a friendly environment way, socially fair and economically possible. Certification also guarantees raw material tracking in all the production chain.

According to Marcello Rodrigues, Natura´s supplying director, the reduction of the environmental impact on the chain is a company’s goal and that it also requires this posture of its suppliers.

Klabin´s director, José Taragano said waved paper card packaging commercialization with FSC seal demonstrates that the incorporation and practice of the sustainable principles in all the productive chain are possible.