Avon introduces its new virtual assistant. Bela, a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to communicate and interact with resellers.

The robotic tool that recognizes words and answers questions will offer a personalized experience, with greater capacity for engagement and interaction.

Along with the new assistant, it will be possible to check debits, request the 2nd ticket ticket, follow the order status, and request the Digital Brochure, among other services.

The new communication tool with the brand’s resellers was launched on June 20, a day created especially for Resellers.

To choose the name of the new tool, Avon promoted a vote among suggestions sent by collaborators. The three finalists had a direct relationship with the business and the one chosen was Bela.

“Bela is part of Avon’s digital transformation. We want to simplify the relationships and communication of products and services, and so devote efforts to increase agility and eliminate what takes unnecessary time or commitment. The new tool is present in applications that are already part of the digital journey of the reseller, such as whatsapp and the Reseller portal. It’s a great opportunity to be closer to her, giving her support faster, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, “says Danielle Bibas, vice president of Brand, Communication and Corporate Culture at Avon.

The new assistant will also have a social commitment. For the first 200,000 interactions with users, the Avon Institute will be donated 5 cents per contact, which will allocate funds to fight violence against women and girls.