The beauty habits of the Brazilian woman have gained new meanings, they approach more of a moment of pleasure than of obligation. This was confirmed by Avon in a research done in partnership with the IBOPE Conecta institute. The study heard the Brazilian women and showed, among other results, that 83% of women take care of the skin motivated by a positive feeling of pleasure, although they recognize that this care is necessary.

The research “The relationship of Brazilians with the skin of the face” investigated the habits, feelings and attitudes of 1,000 women between 25 and 60 years of age, from all regions of Brazil. About 48 percent of respondents said their feelings of well-being and health are the most important in relation to face care, while only 27 percent said they care for their skin to make themselves look better.

On the other hand, the study points out that 6 out of 10 women are dissatisfied with facial skin. Among the unsatisfied, the majority are young – 61% have this feeling. In addition, aging is not a smooth process, 56% are worried or trying to minimize the signs of the face. However, for most of them there is still the challenge of establishing a skin care routine. Even women who say they are concerned – 36% of the interviews – have difficulties in establishing a daily practice. Another significant part (34%) said that they invest only in basic care and when they remember.

When the subject is treatment, there is a perception of searching for solutions that highlight a natural beauty. In the clinics, the most sought after resources are skin cleansing (55%) and exfoliation (41%), on the other hand, reparative procedures like botulinum toxin, represent less than 10%. For home care, the study showed that the interviewees prioritized cleaning and sun protection, but leave aside treatment procedures as moisturizers and anti-signs. “This data reinforces Avon’s educational role in supporting women in the challenge of establishing a minimal daily ritual of 3 basic skin care steps. Our goal is to meet the expectations of this new profile of women who prioritize more and more solutions that are accessible and practical to be incorporated into everyday life, “says Denise Figueiredo, director of marketing for the skincare category at Avon.

In addition to finding a new pattern of behavior, the study also showed that facial skin care is a topic that women read but do not necessarily understand. Among those interviewed, the youngest are those who least know their own skin type and the necessary care. And even among the interviews that know the type of skin they have, 38% do not know the care they should have. This is reflected in the habits of care, since almost 1/3 of the women use only water or the soap of the body for the cleaning of the skin of the face.