In the month of Black Awareness Day, Avon launches an unprecedented reflection in Brazil on Afrofuturism, a multidisciplinary movement that takes the past back from the black perspective, to recognize it in the present and to be able to build an inspiring future. Conceived in the early 1960s, it represents the vision of young black people about what they believe and desire for their realities and for the next generations. The work, recorded in Paraisópolis, on the outskirts of the south of São Paulo, will air on November 10 in the official social networks of the brand – Youtube, Instagram and Facebook, as well as the own content platform E Aí Tá Pronta.

With futuristic proposals, the work, which is a creation of the Avon HUB (J. Walter Thompson, Mutato and iCherry) and the 20/20 (first racial inclusion program of Brazilian advertising, which has proposals for labor inclusion for 2020, together with the MOOC (Creative Observer Movement), formed by eight young blacks from the outskirts of São Paulo, who seek to express the way of life of their communities through the arts and fashion – it presents futuristic proposals. divided into five themes – affectivity, resignification, ancestry, body, future and ubuntu – African philosophy based on the recognition of being from the collective in which it is inserted -, the video brings different elements to propose social discussions from each of the contexts.

The characters in the film, including a brand-name reseller, wear clothing inspired by glitz and the tailoring of Africa. These elements are also seen in makeup, proposing to emphasize skin traits and tones, rather than minimizing them, as historically done. The music, created exclusively by the Brazilian artist JLZ, brings the electronic beat of the afrobeat.

“We seek to reinforce a premise that has always been with us: to be the dream of our ancestors, without being obvious in the choice of references, but understanding our history and reality, targeting how and where we want to go. its communications to Brazilian diversity, is to have the chance to take our message to more people, “says Lídia Thays, a member of MOOC.

“Creating space and reinforcing the normalization of diversity is a premise that has been worked out daily by us at Avon. Among the many pride we carry in our history is the fact that it is the first beauty brand to put black women as protagonists of national campaigns in open TV. Therefore, as a natural path, to propose this reflection in the month that marks the Black Consciousness Day is to sediment all the achievements so far and also to show everyone the future that we want to build “says Juliana Barros, executive director of Avon marketing in Brazil.