Starting next week, BASF will start manufacturing in Brazil Luviset® 360 (Acrylates Copolymer), an aqueous dispersion of acrylic copolymer, capable of giving the necessary viscosity in gel alcohol formulations.

Fabricio Soto, head of BASF’s home products unit in South America says: “With the humanitarian crisis that has set in, we searched quickly for a solution to the problem”.

“Some companies used a substance in the country that is produced by few companies. With the brutal demand, we brought Luviset® 360 to be produced locally. ”

Soto’s team searched the Personal Care portfolio of the German headquarters and in 3 days, the green light was given for production at the Guaratinguetá plant, in the countryside of São Paulo.

The research team quickly found the right formulation of alcohol gel with the new substance to be passed on to manufacturers to supply the market at a time when the product is essential. There are dozens of companies that are engaged in this production. It is a product that is in high demand due to the health emergency.

Tatiana Kalman, BASF’s Vice President of Care Chemicals for South America, says the thickener will be available for any company that wants to produce the gel alcohol.

She explains that 70% alcohol, in gel or liquid, has similar power. Gel alcohol, although also flammable, is more suitable for use because of safe handling.

With the production, the company believes that there will be an increase in the production of alcohol gel in the country, supplying hospitals and the population in general. The company participates in some initiatives with its customers for donations for the product.

We Care Platform

To ensure agility and share information on formulations and products that are important in tackling the new coronavirus, BASF launched the We Care platform aimed at different industries. It contains information on the numerous solutions, needs for use, guidelines that enable the manufacture of the product, including raw materials. The company also offers technical support, through its laboratories and specialists.

There are suggestions for formulations of personal hygiene products, home care and medicines. Formulas of liquid soap, wet wipes, alcohol gel and household and professional surface cleaners are already available.