Along with the green cosmetics proposal that BASF has been working on developing ingredients for natural, organic and vegan products that interfere less and less in the environment.

Thus, its Care Creations division announces new products in its portfolio. As an alternative to the plastic microspheres present in exfoliating products, the company developed Cegesoft Peel® and, as a biodegradable solution for washing skin and hair, the opacifier Euperlan® OP White.

The new solutions attend the concern with the dispersion of synthetics, such as microplastics present in exfoliants, in the seas and oceans together with other polluting materials. After all, many countries that have already implemented laws that prohibit the use of plastic microspheres in cosmetics. In Brazil, a Bill of Law (PL) is under discussion in the plenary with the proposal to prohibit the use of plastic microspheres in cosmetics. In Rio de Janeiro, a law was passed in August 2018 that prohibits the use of plastic microspheres in products, which comes into force as of this month of February.

Cegesoft Peel® consists of wax spheres that provide a smooth and soft exfoliation, without harming or scratching the skin. Derived from natural resources it is a biodegradable alternative and has the requirements for environmentally friendly personal care ingredients.

Euperlan® OP White is an opacifying dispersion, which replaces the synthetic ingredient that gives the creamy white appearance of cosmetics. Composed of wax, it is biodegradable and meets the current demand for environmentally friendly ingredients.

“It is estimated that approximately 0.3% of garbage emitted in the oceans belongs to rinsable or non-personal care products”, comments Vinicius Bim, specialist in Innovation for Personal Care at BASF Latin America. “Alternatives to plastic microspheres for exfoliation products already exist on the market. However, their surfaces are uneven and have severely damaged consumers’ skin with scratches. The main advantage of Cegesoft Peel® is the fact that it is composed of round and smooth wax spheres that provide a smooth and delicate touch ”, explains Vinicius.