BASF’s Aroma business brings Nerol to the company’s portfolio, an ingredient that bridges the scents of roses and citrus and Dihydrorosan, of striking rose notes.
The new ingredients are formulated with a mixture of different notes to offer the industry unusual fragrances.

Nerol is an ingredient composed of natural substances, with an odor of roses and a citrus aspect, essential in perfumery for the development of smells of white roses, wild roses, peonies, magnolias and geraniums. It is also indispensable for notes of orange blossom and citrus notes, such as lemon, grapefruit and bergamot.

In this new composition, BASF was able to produce a fragrance for the market that unites the two concepts of Nerol, resulting in a floral fragrance with a citrus touch, which leads to the sensation of freshness. “This new proposal is ideal to provide an aroma with a delicate touch and, at the same time, refreshing, whether in perfumes, cosmetics and even for the whole house through cleaning products”, comments Yasmin Muniz, responsible for the Aroma business BASF South America.

Dihydrorosan is an ingredient developed to provide the soft and floral aroma of roses and, at the same time, has an impacting aroma when applied to the skin. It is also perfect for mixing other floral notes of any type of formulation.