BASF presents its colors for makeup and cosmetics bets to help in the formulation of that meet the desires and the new behaviors of consumers.

Inspired in the modern culture, the trends of the “Color Trends 2017” represent a multifaceted woman, connected, informed, sure of herself. The focus is: beauty as a reflection of lifestyle, combined with the behavior and attitude.

From an exclusive study , conducted in partnership with Fashion Snoops, a consulting style and innovation agency, BASF has four lines of colors that will be in high in 2017. They are: Alive, Smart + Seamless Glam Now and Gen-You. The shades highlight the main features of the modern woman: cheerfulness, power, confidence, femininity, boldness, individuality, modernity, connectivity, immediacy – all at the same time.

“BASF is closely following the cultural and behavioral changes that occur worldwide. With Color Trends 2017, we want to help cosmetics manufacturers develop different colors and sensory capable of creating experiences that reflect the desires of modern women, “said Ariane Marques, responsible for BASF Color Carena.


Alive is inspired by the multiplicity of sensations caused by nature. It features cheerful and exuberant colors (shades of green, orange, purple and blue) in amazing textures, such as sandy textures and also the aqueous.
The line was created for the woman who likes to get in touch with nature and live the experiences it provides, calling for her place in the world through active participation in the environment that surrounds it.

Smart + Seamless is a line for a modern, minimalist lifestyle where technology is invisibly integrated in our day-to-day. The shades of blue, silver and gray combined with the futuristic formulations, present in the Smart + Seamless line, give the modern woman, practical and independent, the inspiration she needs. There are textures that transform themselves, 3D effects and matte finishes in metallic tones, the modern bets associated with natural and elegant tones, bring an extraordinary and impeccable effect.

Glameow, inspired by the sensuality, opulence and elegance of movie divas. With an aura of exclusivity and satisfaction in beauty rituals, it is designed for women with outstanding personality, bold and strong, looking for a luxurious look. The main thread colors are dramatic reds, plum tones, lush pinks, deep blue, nudes, gold and copper, in addition to tones florals and pearlescent with reflective particles that resemble to the glitter of the gold.

Gen-You brings vibrant and saturated colors, neons, cobalt blue and lime green and also bright colors, delicate and joyful, like pastel, pink and lilac. Inspired by the joviality, individuality and attitude of the new generation born in the digital age, the line features irreverent and creative tones, wth fun and tactile textures that change color in a snap.