Inspired by the refinement of this form extremely codified of theater – the Kabuki -, and in the traditional brushes used by Japanese actors to apply the elaborate makeup for these presentations, perfumer Ben Gorham, creator of the Byredo fragrance brand of 2006, has created a new art of perfuming .

Byredo has released the trio of Byzantine Kabuki brushes, which is literally spreading a new gestural in perfumery. The novelty brings a new sensory experience for those who apply the microrefined powder – and perfumed.

O que geralmente era invisível torna-se uma sensação tátil. Acondicionado em um pincel retrátil, o pó de talco macio, está disponível em três aromas Byredo: Bal D´Afrique, Gypsy Water e Blanche por US$ 85, the 7g stick.