To assist in the process of sharing benefits arising from the use of Brazil’s natural resources, Beraca, a supplier of natural and organic ingredients for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and personal care industries, announces a partnership with VBIO, an online platform that assists organizations in the capture and allocation of resources for Brazilian biodiversity projects.

The initiative is aligned with the Integrated Service developed by Beraca, which fully supports its clients to ensure compliance with the Biodiversity Law – 13,123 / 15, and to promote the distribution of benefits through the Beraca Institute.

“Our focus is to assist companies in the process of sharing benefits safely. The proposal is to guarantee access to serious, ethical and real projects capable of adding value to the entire production chain, “says Daniel Sabará, CEO of Beraca.

The partnership was announced in September during the event “Relationship of industry with the Law of Biodiversity and Benefit Sharing”, promoted by VBIO and brought together class entities and companies linked to the use of Brazilian natural resources.

“Beraca’s participation through the Beraca Institute was instrumental in bringing together proponents and leaders of benefit-sharing industries. This helps generate market interest and create links for the future, “says Fernando Mallmann, director of marketing and business development at VBIO.