Beraca (Grupo Sabará and Clariant), a leader in the supply of natural and sustainable raw materials from Brazilian biodiversity, announces a partnership with Oleon, a Belgian company considered one of the leading companies in Europe in providing chemical solutions based on nature. The strategic partnership aims to offer the cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceutical industries the expansion of the portfolio with greener, cleaner and more efficient formulations. Oleon in turn seeks to double the volume currently sold in the national territory and increase market penetration by 30%.

The representation of the brand in Brazil will have bases capable of guaranteeing more efficient compositions. In this way, the company extends its market share with solutions that can be applied throughout the formulation, such as emulsifiers, solubilizers and esters, indicated for the production of cosmetics for skin care, hair and products intended for the male audience.

“Establishing partnerships of this size strengthen our market performance, as they allow us to present an even more complete line of raw materials for Brazilian industries,” says Mayara Sales, responsible for the Brazil commercial in Beraca.

Victor Massara, sales manager of Oleon in Brazil says: “The partnership is of great importance for continuing the company’s global expansion, broaden its horizons in the Brazilian cosmetics and personal care market. “Beraca’s choice as a partner is mainly due to the fact that both work with products of natural origin and because they share the same values, focusing on innovation and sustainability,” he points out.