Recognized in the market as the largest supplier of natural ingredients from Brazilian biodiversity to the cosmetics and personal care industries, Beraca (Sabará and Clariant Group) expands its plant in Ananindeua, Pará state, investing in an innovative technology for the production of extracts, bioactive and aromatic compounds.

The expansion is a bet of the company to increase its portfolio through the incorporation of new technologies, based on a complex multipurpose bioextractor, that will meet a market demand, without giving up of sustainability that the company practices.

“At Beraca, we seek to expand through investments in research, innovation and technology. This means opening ‘new avenues to consolidate our market performance’, maintaining and enhancing our quality and differentiated and unique ingredients. This positioning allows us to expand our portfolio and thus gain new partnerships and solidify our relationship with our current customers ”, explains Daniel Sabará, CEO of Beraca.

All fruits, seeds and other plant inputs currently used in the factory for the production of oils, butters, minerals and actives, among other items, are harvested or collected by agro-extractive communities located in the most different biomes of Brazil.

The company has created the Sociobidiversity® Appreciation Program so that these groups operate under its auspices, ensuring the traceability of raw materials, sustainable field practices involving people and nature, as well as ensuring ethics and respect in manufacturing and in the supply of ingredients.

Beraca’s new plant has multipurpose technology, capable of processing both local biodiversity products and other ingredients of natural origin demanded by the market. From the extraction of leaves, roots, resins, vegetable oils, among others, a wide range of bioactive and different compounds can be produced.

With this, in addition to the extensive portfolio of oils and butters, the company will now have lines of extracts and aromatic ingredients, many of them unpublished in the market, with standardization of assets and proof of biological activity through tests of effectiveness and application.

The positioning is of biorefinery and zero residue aimed at the full use of species. The technology even enables the processing of waste biomass produced.

“The new plant is a milestone in Beraca’s history. Because it is an unprecedented structure in Northern Brazil, we have pioneered our range of inputs, offering a customized and differentiated service to our customers, as well as promoting the region’s socioeconomic development, ”adds Sabará.


The extract market currently has a projected growth rate of 9.1% per year by 2025 and will reach revenues of $ 5.8 billion by 2022, according to Data Bridge Market Research’s Global Botanic Extracts Market survey. Brazil is the fourth largest producer of extracts, behind only China, Mexico and India. Given this already promising scenario, Beraca’s new plant will certainly contribute to the growth of the sector not only in Brazil but worldwide, helping to leverage the country’s global position.