Beraca, a global supplier of raw materials from Brazilian biodiversity, brings to the in-cosmetics Global 2018 (April 17 and 19), in Amsterdam, the Tucumã Butter, as a clean and efficient alternative to the use of some types of silicones in products for skin care.

“Tucumã’s Butter is an example of an active ingredient in line with Beraca’s positioning, which focuses on the vegetalisation of formulas and the substitution of chemical components for natural and sustainable solutions,” says Juliana Checon, Beraca Research and Development Manager.

Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, the innovation has as a differential the fact that it is not hydrogenated (free of harmful components to health) and has a stable composition – that is, its physicochemical characteristics do not change over time. In addition, butter has unique sensory properties, such as better spreadability and light texture, which give the skin dry, non-greasy touch.

According to the company, the effectiveness of the Butter of Tucumã has been proven by independent laboratory tests and the results will be presented in the lecture “Natural alternative to silicone – from the Amazon to your skin” by Juliana Checon, on April 18, during the Innovation Seminar, in in-cosmetics Global 2018.

Beraca also highlights in the fair the socio-environmental issue related to the process of production of the raw material: in the Amazon region, fruit collection directly impacts about 600 people and guarantees a source of extra income for more than 90 families.

The initiative is part of the Socio-Biodiversity Valuation Program®, created by the company in 2000 to act as a bridge between the agro-extractive communities spread throughout Brazil and global manufacturers of cosmetics. “This program enables Beraca to connect Brazilian biodiversity to thousands of consumers, through a relationship of transparency, traceability and innovation,” said Marianna Cyrillo, Marketing Manager of the company.

Beraca also invests in the balance between technological and natural, and also launches the conditioning agent Capillus Pro 22, a functional ingredient developed in partnership with Clariant. A surfactant with properties capable of promoting hair restructuring, sealing the cuticles of the threads and controlling the volume.

The ingredient is obtained by the addition of an amine amide (non-ionic surfactant, cationic in acidic form, which, due to its pH, can be used in hair care formulations) and prakaxi oil (an ingredient whose main active ingredient is behenic acid, a substance that makes it a natural conditioning agent of the threads).