Maison Berger installs in the country a flagship store of aromatic products, in Moema, São Paulo. DPA, with French partners, has the distribution of Maison Berger in Brazil.

Pharmacist Maurice Berger’s brand was founded 120 years ago to purify air in hospital environments. Since then an innovative process has been created, a catalytic diffusion system that was not just about masking odors but destroying them. Lampe Berger was a unique French creation, which thanks to the patented technique of its catalyst burner still today offers exceptional quality of perfume. The brand also teamed up with great designers and created inspiring models used by celebrities (Coco Chanel, Pablo Picasso and Jean Cocteau).

Maurice Berger’s successors decided to continue to explore this universe with new design objects such as car diffusers, rod diffusers, candles, and more.


In Brazil, the Normandy Street store in Moema presents the Fragrant Bouquet of the new AROMA range has an elegant cylindrical shape and comprises the Happy, fresh and aquatic fragrance for a cheerful and lively atmosphere. Contains essential oil of cloves to increase energy effect, physical and mental well-being, release blocked energy and stimulate intellectual faculties.

Relax, oriental, conveys the exuberance of a vegetation, with tonka bean, vanilla, which provide a feeling of warmth. Guaiac essential oils of patchouli and wood ensure relaxation. And the Energy fragrance, with citrus energy, covered by the sensuality of the spicy aromas of Musk. Grapefruit essential oil promotes a healthy and invigorating environment.

The 180 ml bottle lasts for five weeks.