There are 2960 ingredients used in cosmetics have been cataloged and made available in what is the first scientific tool available for Android, the Cosmetopeia.
Formulators and consumers who need basing on the safety aboutingredients for cosmetic products have in the tool (with download by Google Play) a practical and fast resource.

“The development of quality products, with safe formulations for human health and the environment, has become a crucial issue for the cosmetics industry and its consumers.This principle is part of the Safe Design concept, which characterizes the generation of items that offer low or zero hazard to humans and the ecosystem”said Dr. Maria Inês Harris, Executive Director of the Harris Institute, a reference in cosmetic safety assessment, tool developer.

In the app are found analyzes of data available in the scientific literature referendada – in Portuguese and English – in the form of safety evaluations of each ingredient and performed by an experienced and specialized team. The evaluations are presented based on the physicochemical properties, toxicological data and intended uses of the ingredient in cosmetic products.

In addition to providing regulatory information, such as prohibited ingredients and limits set at both the national (Anvisa) and international (USA-FDA and European Commission) levels, the app brings critical assessments with conclusions regarding the safety of each ingredient as well as possible challenges to the formulator, as potential incompatibilities.

For more information about the tool, contact tel. (11) 3129-5398 or e-mail