Boticario Group, company that controls the business units O Boticario, Eudora, quem disse, Berenice? and The Beauty Box, has released its Sustainability Report with the main results of the company’s policy to give priority to the issue of integration processes and the company’s business, not as brand attribute.

The long-term plan, structured up to 2024, has as pillars three fronts: Raw materials and packaging; Channels Sale and Eco-Efficiency. “To the Boticário Group, sustainability is reflected in the consistent implementation of practices that continuously contribute to business growth, society development and the preservation of the environment, considering the challenges ahead and in the ultimate purpose of contributing to building a more beautiful world, “says the Sustainability manager Apothecary Group, Malu Nunes.

Eco-efficiency in the Group did last year the reuse of 22,971 cubic meters of water in its industrial plant in Sao Jose dos Pinhais (PR), a figure that represents 70% of treated effluent on site. In the Distribution Center of Registro (SP), were used 1.7 billion cubic meters of rainwater, 23% of the total volume used throughout 2014. The drinking water that is no longer used in the two units is equivalent to the annual consumption of 422 people. The installation of prismatic domus, which allow natural lighting in the complex in Sao Jose dos Pinhais, also brings an expected energy reduction of 250 000 kWh / year.

Regarding to the Raw Materials and Packaging, the company expanded in the last year, for the other three newer business units your Packaging Recycling Program has successfully was deployed since 2006 in O Boticario. Additionally, it  accounted 21 alternative methods  for  tests in animals internalized.

In the Sales Channels, Boticario Group chooses LED lamps in the signs of its selling points, generating a saving of 80% compared to ordinary bulbs, besides using floor with recycled material in the composition and pieces of wood certified and from reforestation.

Another highlight are the two new operations opened in Bahia (a factory in Camaçari and a distribution center in São Gonçalo dos Campos), last year, which were built on international sustainability standards to meet the requirements of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) – a major theme of certifications in the world.