Boticário Group and the Federal University of Parana (UFPR) signed at the end of August scientific research agreement in which students of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences will participate to advances in the application of rheology techniques to assist in the development and evaluation of cosmetic products.

The study will be coordinated by Professor of the Department of Chemistry of UFPR, Rilton Alves de Freitas and, in a first moment, the objective is to develop methods to understand the behavior and rheological profile of products and predict stability of formulations, bringing robustness and optimization of the processes. In addition, the study involves the creation of a method to predict and correlate consumer perceptions of the diverse sensory that the products offer.

“This is the main scope of the project: scientific research linking the University’s knowledge to the demands that the industry has. We are developing science with the industry, ”says Professor Rilton Alves.

According to him, the idea is to develop methods to predict formulation stability that will make this process optimized from three months to two hours. “It is a survey with a real problem view in the industry, besides of having the education of qualified people in an area that is under development”, says Freitas. In addition, the study involves the creation of a method to predict consumer perception from database parameters collected on equipment, ”he adds.