Boticario Group
, a company that controls the business of O Boticario units, Eudora, quem disse Brenice? (who said, berenice?) and The Beauty Box, launches an action that promotes the concept of shared responsibility. A video posted on the organization’s website in Sustainability page, encourages adoption of transformative attitudes toward inclusion of sustainability in everyday life of people and addresses, at the same time, the inserted actions in the company business with the same purpose. The goal is to inspire employees, consumers and the rest of the value chain, generating the sharing of ideas through social networks.

The material question how the future would be if people started doing different today, from the best choices, with simple steps, such as, for example, give preference to the use of natural light by opening curtains, opting for a more sustainable transport such as cycling , the search for an end to wasteful use of natural resources by closing taps, among others.
Likewise, the video released shows how the Boticario Group applies the sustainability into their processes, with actions such as the Packaging Recycling Program, the quest for reducing impacts in obtaining raw materials and designing packaging, actions eco-efficiency in production, the use of LED lighting in retail outlets, among others.

The examples are related to the three pillars (Raw Materials and Packaging, Sales Channels and Eco-Efficiency), which are part of the Strategic Sustainability Plan Company, organized in 2012, with a range of short, medium and long term and the strategy that guides the Boticario  group in relation to the subject, until 2024.