Miguel Krigsner, founder of O Boticário in Curitiba, in a small pharmacy of manipulation, can be said having been an alchemist of fragrances and cosmetics. Now that the brand has become a powerful cosmetic group in Brazil and in the world, with more than 4000 stores, the ancient art of the puppet theater inspired Miguel Krigsner, a founding partner of Grupo Boticário, to present São Paulo with a new space Cultural: the Theater Dr. Botica, which means Pharmacy.

The doll art is one of the great passions of Miguel Krigsner. Based on this inspiration, the Boticário Group Institute inaugurated in 2001 the Dr. Botica Doll Theater, in Curitiba, headquarters of Grupo Boticário.

The new São Paulo stage will work on the top floor of Shopping Metrô Tatuapé, with diversified programming, starting on September 9, and has already premiered with Grupo Giramundo, with the show “The Adventures of Dr. Botica”, where an old magician who Lives in the forest creates magical potions with special ingredients.

The São Paulo version of the theater will be able to receive up to 259 spectators in a program that includes, in addition to the presentations of pieces, cycles of debates, lectures, festivals, workshops, chat with educators, book launching, among other cultural activities. “We, from the Grupo Boticário Institute, responsible for the project, believe that beauty is what we do. That is why we encourage cultural experiences that enable us to connect with the beauty of people, relationships and the world, promoting access to knowledge and the expansion of people’s cultural repertoire, “says Malu Nunes, Executive Director of Instituto Grupo Boticário.

“The unit in São Paulo will provide unique experiences. It will be a channel that will contribute to the construction of a generation that is the protagonist of a better and more beautiful world, “says Miguel Krigsner.

The project is sponsored by O Boticário, achievement of Institute Boticario Group and Brain+, and the support of Shopping Metro Tatuape.