With an eye on the public aficionado by technology, predominantly male and young, O Boticário launches its latest Quasar Brave fragrance. Brand has developed an immersive experience for ‘campuses’ who participate in the 12th edition of Campus Party – one of the main events of technology in Brazil. The idea was to move gamers to an Old Japan setting where they could train their skills with the katana (traditional Japanese sword), a virtual reality game and a physical spring structure that allows participants to “fly” during blows against objects – sensors detect all real moves to replicate them in the virtual world, leaving the game even more dynamic.

The brand has sought Asian ingredients such as Black Ceylan leaves, the ingredient of traditional black tea and distilled sake alcohol, in a combination based on oriental rituals.

For the launch O Boticario has set up its own space, with totems with the product, promoters and distribution of samples.

Jean Bueno, perfumer and executive of Boticario, gave a talk on the 15th on the use of artificial intelligence in the creation of fragrances. The unprecedented technology, developed in partnership with IBM and Symrise (home fragrance partners), was used by the brand in the development of two fragrances, which will be launched in the first half of this year.

To create this alchemy, the brand combined millennial ingredients such as: purified sake alcohol to woody notes of black tea leaves (known as Black Ceylan), a native ingredient of Asian forests. The leaves undergo an advanced process of extraction, which preserves its more pure and natural characteristics, referring to the strength of the wood and guaranteeing impact to the fragrance.

The Campus Party now has more than 550 thousand registered campuses worldwide, and has produced editions in several countries. In Brazil the event has been present for more than ten years.