Since September 24 and up to October 14, the entire O Boticario store chain is offering a 20% discount on its perfumery line to encourage the collection of empty bottles, jars and other containers of products. beauty. To qualify for the discount, the consumer must register at hotsite and take their packaging to one of the stores.

Dubbed ‘Boti Recicla’, the initiative draws attention to Boticário’s ongoing reverse logistics and recycling campaign. Collectors are present year-round in stores and consumers are encouraged to dispose of packaging sustainably after the product ends.

All of the more than 3,700 stores of the brand are prepared to direct this waste to the almost 35 approved cooperatives that make the selection and recycling of the materials. It is the largest reverse logistics program in the country’s collection points. “O Boticário is one of the pioneers in carrying out reverse logistics in its stores. Sustainability is in the DNA of the brand, not only because we care about the impacts on the environment, but for the chance to generate income for more than a thousand families, “says Boticário’s Marketing Director, Alexandre Bouza. “We use our reach to make people aware of the importance of recycling and positively influence the market,” he adds.

Through the program, all empty containers are collected, decharacterized and sent to cooperatives of collectors and local partners, who manage the waste. The action aims at reducing environmental impacts and involves consumers, franchisees, consultants, employees and suppliers. The concern with the correct destination of the post consumer packages has been a theme of the brand since 2006, before even any legal necessity.

A practical example of this concern is the use of recycled glass in the making of items that decorate the amphora stores, the new store concept of Boticario, currently present in Rio de Janeiro, in Curitiba, Fortaleza, Salvador and São Paulo. These decorative pieces close the glass cycle, which is the result of collecting post-consumer flasks. “We are attentive to the benefits of the circular chain and we try to engage more and more in causes like this,” says Bouza.