The Brazilian government announced today the ratification of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (CFA) signed by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and that can contribute to improving the country’s competitiveness, attract productive investments and generate new and better jobs, including industry cosmetics. The signing took place at a ceremony at the Presidential Palace that was attended by the director general of the organization, Roberto Azevedo. The treaty had already been approved by the House of Representatives in February and the Senate in March this year, and only awaiting ratification by the federal government.

The treaty was approved in December 2013 in the Round of Bali, Indonesia, and has been ratified by at least 70 countries, including 28 members of the European Union, and the United States, China, Japan, Australia, Paraguay and Guyana.

The AFC provides rules on the shipping time and transit of goods, fees and charges incurred in foreign trade, as well as transparency in the publication of standards. Measures should facilitate Brazilian exports and imports, to reduce bureaucracy both in the customs in Brazil and in the trading partners. The agreement will come into force when ratified by at least 108 of the 162 member countries of the WTO.

One of the devices provided for in the agreement and already being implemented by Brazil is the Portal Único (single portal) to try to simplify and streamline the processes of export, import and customs transit. Study by the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV), at the request of the National Confederation of Industries (CNI), estimates that with the portal, the average term export should fall A 13 to eight days, resulting in a reduction of 38.5% in costs. The survey also shows that the Single Portal may result in an increase of up to 2.03% of GDP of the country, increase the flow of trade in Brazil of US $ 561 billion to US$ 611 billion and increase by US $ 9 billion balance commercial.