Sephora, selected 13 entrepreneurs from beauty, technology and merchandising startups to join the Sephora Accelerate program. They are women from different countries, the chosen Brazilian participant is Fernanda Kawazoe, co-founder of Sobrebarba, a company in the merchandising area, focused on the manufacture of products for beard treatments, offering grooming products derived from natural sources. In the Sobrebarba´s positioning is the incentive to recycling and to act with social responsibility – including, part of its profits is donated to reforestation projects in the Amazon Forest.

“Created by Sephora Américas and present in Brazil since 2017, this project allows us to look more closely at our local community and help entrepreneurship of the Brazilian women. This has been a very rewarding experience. Accelerate is just a key initiative within an even bigger program, which is Sephora Stands, which seeks to use the brand’s strengths for a greater good in our communities “, explains Andrea Orcioli, CEO of Sephora Brasil.

The new edition of Accelerate also marks a major achievement of its global goal: supporting 50 companies led by women by 2020. The programming seeks to guide founders of startups on their journey to achieve individual business goals through a multi-month and led program by Sephora executives. It includes, among other things, mentoring, marketing management, networking, social media training, growth plans and financing strategy planning.

This year, the program accounts for more than US $ 850,000 in subsidies and financing for participating business women, with funds directed towards fulfilling purchase orders, inventory, sizing operations and new hires. Sephora Accelerate also offers assistance for all brands of merchandising, aiming to guarantee space in a large retailer, which can be Sephora itself or not.