Startup Magic Science Brazil, which develops innovative scientific cosmetics through advanced high-performance cosmetology and today holds the patent for the only baldness treatment technology that has demonstrated 100% effectiveness in the required clinical trials, caught the attention of the KPG Investimentos group, one of largest multisectoral groups in Brazil and which has the profile of investing in companies with high potential for appreciation.

The business, created in 2017, has more than ten innovative formulations and its products are marketed to customers from over eight countries, including the US, Japan, Germany, Portugal, Canada, Switzerland and Chile. In less than a year, the company has doubled in size and plans to triple revenues by the end of 2019.

The startup, which has its administrative headquarters in the city of Ipatinga-MG and today operates in two productive and technological centers, one in Belo Horizonte and the other in Rio de Janeiro, was then invited to incorporate KPG Investimentos, as part of the conglomerate, which has dozens of investors, and in 2018 earned over $ 240 million.

Without the two companies having revealed the value of the transaction, it is known that KPG Investimentos has already allocated 2 million reais for investments in research and development of new products of Magic Science, according to Exame magazine.

“The essence of the brand is scientific innovation and high performance in order to develop effective solutions through the power of life-enhancing science and people’s self-esteem,” said Dr. Jackeline Alecrim, Advanced Cosmetology pharmacist and founder of the brand. .

Magic Science has in its portfolio more than ten products considered pioneers for hair treatment and the highlight is Caffeine’s Therapy, which is the formulation of shampoo based on coffee actives, which enable hair growth in cases of baldness and alopecia. “All of our knowledge has been focused on developing a formulation that can effectively treat the most diverse types of hair loss in the medium term, safely and efficiently,” said Jackeline Alecrim, a specialist in Advanced Cosmetology and Clinical Pharmacology and founder. from Magic Science to Exame magazine.


Jackeline, a native of Capelinha, Minas Gerais, studied in public schools, is now a university professor of postgraduate courses, businesswoman, researcher and technical consultant of large national companies and wants to have a social project in Capelinha, linked to the stimulation of education.