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Data released by the Federation of  Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism of the São Paulo State (<STRONG>Fecomercio SP) show that currently the Brazilian families spend a year R $ 20.3 billion or US $ 5.78 billion with hairdressing services, manicure and pedicure . Information was estimated based on the Household Budget Survey (POF), IBGE.

 The greatest consumption in volume is in class C, with R $ 11.8 billion (US$ 3,36 billion), with an average consumption value of households of R $ 369.27 million (US$ 104,63 million). The A Class presents the highest average consumption, with R $ 1,310.38 per year (US$ 373,2 million), a figure 15.6 times higher than the expenditure of  E  class  of R $ 83.95 (US$ 23,8). Data from the study consider the barber services, hairdresser, beard and haircut, in addition to manicure and pedicure services.

In the comparison by income, after the class C, the A class is the one that most invests in these services – more than R $ 3 billion (US$ 850 million), followed by B Class, with about R $ 2.9 billion (US$ 820 million), while consumers of D Class  spend of R $ 1.4 billion (US$ 400 million) and E, R $ 1.1 billion (US$ 310 million).

Only in the state of São Paulo, the total expenditure estimated with hairdressers is R$ 6.26 billion (US$ 1,77 billion), representing 31% of household expenditure across the country. In the São Paulo area, the C class is also the one that most consuming with over R $ 3.7 billion per year (US$ 1,05 billion).

Compared to other expenses, the amount of R $ 20.3 billion spent on hairdressers is higher than the annual amount of families in basic food, or regular education courses (pre-school to high school) for instance, of R $ 17.24 billion (US$ 4,90 billion). Classes D and E invest in real estate acquisition R $ 3.11 billion (US$ 880 million), about the same amount invested by Class A in beauty salons – more than R$ 3 billion (US$ 850 million).