The Casa feito brasil, founded in 2004, has obtained the certification of Company B ™. The label is provided by the global entity, the B Lab, for for-profit organizations that use business power to foster a more inclusive and sustainable economy: only 2,500 organizations across 60 countries have met the criteria – in Brazil , are 150.

“Obtaining the Company B ™ seal is quite long and judicious. It requires transparency in all of the company’s processes, such as the need to prove production criteria and those of its suppliers, “explains Jessica Volpato, Marketing Director at Casa Brasil.

The company also received the Muda Award, headed by Vogue Brazil Magazine for national beauty, fashion and design brands, for their good social practices and sustainability in the small beauty companies, in the category – TERRA. “We are very happy for the awards – mainly because we compete with brands that we respect and admire and see, every day, the growth and strengthening of a fairer and more sustainable industry,” explains Giulio Peron, executive director of CASA made in Brazil.

Casa feito brasil is a partner of the network EuReciclo, which guarantees the neutralization of its packaging and obtained the PETA Vegan and Cruelty-free seals.