Clariant announces Sarfam as a new partner for the distribution of its Active Ingredients portfolio in Brazil. Sarfam has a presence throughout Brazil and will expand Clariant’s reach in serving customers seeking innovative solutions for their formulations, as well as offering greater flexibility in terms of volume and logistics.

Sarfam is a 100% Brazilian company, recognized for the distribution and representation of raw materials from worldwide personal care manufacturers and has a technical assistance laboratory installed in São Paulo, as well as technical support for the development of exclusive projects.

Active Ingredients is a business unit launched by Clariant to meet growing consumer demand for natural ingredients in cosmetic products. Its portfolio includes assets extracted from the Asian flora, with application in the skin and hair care segments.

During in-cosmetics Latin America 2019, Clariant promotes the active release Epseama®, a recent release of seaweed-based Active Ingredients from uggly food, offers a pioneering approach in the antisignal segment, acting on chromium aging, photoaging and inflammaging (aging caused by inflammatory process). The new ingredient acts on long non-coding 886 RNA, significantly reducing the most difficult wrinkles (such as nasolabial), improving hydration and decreasing pigmented spots.

“Active Ingredients products are Clariant’s response to consumers’ desire for naturally sourced cosmetics while offering new functionality. Through working with Sarfam, we will strengthen our reach within the domestic industry by bringing these highly innovative and technological assets to even more customers with the level of flexibility and support they need, ”says George Nunes, Head of Consumer. Care for Clariant Latin America.

“The partnership with Clariant complements our offer of technological solutions for the Brazilian cosmetics market, expanding the product lines with strong environmental appeal”, declares Maria Antonio Salerno, Sarfam CEO.